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2012 Pontiac Trans Am

transamOk, I’ve had like 200 emails concerning this car. We had it posted a couple of years ago and apparently, people still want to see it. It’s the car that will never be thanks to GM. Once the Pontiac name was dissolved, so was this car. Built on the same alpha platform as the new Camaro, the Pontiac Trans Am was shown only as a concept car. Sad but true, we’ll never see this car venture down the highways of the US….

Summer Motion 2011

On July 5th, we attended Summer Motion in Ashland, Ky. and was treated to an outstanding Kenny Loggins concert. We also got a preview of Loggins new country band, The Blue Sky Riders. It was great to see the Port Of Ashland looking spectacular after years and years of effort to give Ashland the riverfront that it deserves. And as always, thanks to WSAZ for the awesome seats that we had, it was truly a great time!