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Adding Your Sites RSS Feed To Facebook

In order not to do extra work to post your blog’s posts to your Facebook Wall or your Page or your Group you can use a fantastic application called RSS Graffiti which you can find in the list of the Facebook applications available.

Go to your page and click Edit Page, then fo to Applications and take a look at the complete list of the applications, there you will find an application called RSS Graffiti. All blog systems provide an RSS link with all your posts in order to feed to a feed reader like Google Reader.

This RSS address you will provide to RSS Graffiti and the application will automatically post your blog’s data to the Facebook Wall every 30 minutes ( default, or as you set it in the settings of the application ). You will need to autorize RSS Graffiti with your profile in order for it to start working but it will fully automate this process!

Announcing your blog’s posts to Facebook is a very important process in order to get more and more traffic to your blog. RSS Graffiti will let you edit they appearance of how the post will show upon your wall. Also you can have multiple RSS sources posted to your wall or to multiple walls in case you want to show the RSS feed to your wall, your page and group or to all of your pages if you have more than one. Tested already with Blogger and WordPress and working great. With RSS Graffiti you can have news feeds showing to your Facebook page.

What Men Want For Christmas 2011, Day 13

cologneYou can never go wrong with cologne. But like myself, most men are going to be picky about what kind of cologne they wear. You may want to get him out and do some sniff testing first! My two favorites are Abercrombie and Fitch Fierce and Polo Double Black. They smell awesome and they stay with you all day! I only wish they made air freshers that smelled the same! Even some of the classics are still in vogue such as Old Spice, Brute and English Leather. Keep in mind, some colognes can be very expensive, so be sure to check out Ebay! Approximate cost: $20.00 – $80.00.

Windows Media Center PC

I get asked a lot about building a media center pc at a reasonable price. What are the benefits of having a media center pc and how does it integrate with other equipment. There really is no simple answer and I can assure you that there probably aren’t any two media center setups identical. It really doesn’t have to be an expensive project either. You’ll just have to take your time and shop around. Since I hardly ever throw anything away that has to do with pc’s or servers, I had most of these parts on shelves and in drawers. So, I’ll explain my setup (which is always changing) and maybe it’ll give you some kind of idea of what to do in case you want to build your own media center pc. A lot of money can be saved by going with a Linux distro and media center software for Linux, neither will cost you a dime. I’m a Windows person, so that’s direction I took. I’m using Windows 7 Ultimate and the license isn’t cheap.

What Men Want For Christmas 2011, Day 12

souroundPutting together a great home theater system can be simple. The key is pairing a good high-def picture with engaging surround sound. We’ve outlined the components you’ll need below, some of which you probably already own. Keep in mind that along with buying new products, you might end up replacing some existing gear as well. For example, if you want to watch high-definition TV programming, you may decide the time is ripe to replace your 10-year-old TV with a new high-def model.

Why build your own system?
The simple answer is sound quality. When it comes to surround sound, you’ve got two options: building your own system out of separate components or choosing a pre-packaged one. Pre-packaged systems are designed to be easy to choose and set up, and can definitely deliver an engaging surround sound experience. But with a component system, you’ll typically enjoy higher-quality construction and better audio performance.

Component systems are good for folks who:

•want a full surround sound experience and high-quality audio
•already have a few key components, like a disc player, receiver, or a set of speakers
•have a medium-to-large size viewing room
•prefer to create a customized home theater system
•are comfortable choosing and setting up separate components

Approximate cost: $250.00 – $2,399.00.

What Men Want For Christmas 2011, Day 11

bozeBoze SoundDock II digital music system. For at-home iPod listening, the Bose iPod speaker system is a proven performer and now updated with new, slimmer profile. The Bose SoundDock Series ll digital music system carries recognizable Bose sound quality to your kitchen, bedroom, or living area from a very small system. The system’s sophisticated look features smoother lines and sleek configuration. It’s contemporary design works well with any décor. Just slip your compatible iPod or iPhone into the iPod docking station, which is Apple-certified, and bring your favorite songs to life. The system charges as the iPod or iPhone plays, so no interruption from your music. The improved remote handles the Bose SoundDock system functions such as power, volume, and track seek from almost anywhere in the room.

•Same award-winning performance of Bose original SoundDock digital music system, redesigned with added features

•Universal iPod docking station accepts iPhone, iPod touch and any iPod generation featuring a click wheel
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What Men Want For Christmas 2011, Day 10

Now that he has an Xbox, he’ll need some games to play on it after those long, stressful days at work. Just as with the dvd’s, all of the big box stores are having some great sales on Xbox games. If you’re not sure about his taste in games, you may want to check out the pre-owned games that can be purchased at a discount. Better yet, ask some of his friends and co-workers. I’m sure they can give you a clue as to what kind of games he’d like to play. Approximate cost: $6.00 to $69.99.

What Men Want For Christmas 2011, Day 9

dvdsMovie, movies, movies, you can never go wrong with movies. DVD or Blu Ray! All of the big box stores are having great sales on dvd and blu ray movies right now. I’ve seen them as cheap and 99 cents at some places. He’ll need these movies for his home entertainment center or the media center that he may build. Dvd’s as gifts lead to many other gift opportunities as well, such as a place to store the disks, software to rip the disks and other devices to play the disks! Regardless, having his favorite tv series or movies on dvd or blu ray will surely make him a happy camper. Approximate cost: $.99 to $13.00.