Archives for June 2012

Prep Work Continues

Had some time this evening, so Colby removed his driver side front wheel, sanded and painted it, then re-installed with the reconditioned hubcap. It really turned out nice. We’ll do the back two wheels once we get the other two hubcaps sanded and painted. We also prepped the new bumper support, so now it’s ready to be installed by the body shop. As for the bumper cover, we still have a lot of work to do before it’s delivered to the body shop. We got it about 90% stripped, so now the prep work begins. It has a couple of spots that need to be repaired and we’re hoping to get that complete by Sunday evening. If all goes well, we’ll be delivering it to the body shop early next week. Hopefully it won’t be as hot this weekend and we’ll be able to get a lot done. Lenora picked up the two new wheel wells, but the body shop will be installing them……the work continues!!

Colby’s Project Car

Had a little time this evening, so we removed the right front wheel from Colby’s car, sanded it and painted it. We also removed the damaged wheel well liner. It will be replaced with new ones that should come in tomorrow. Wheel was replaced with the reconditioned hubcap and it looks so much better! We’ll have to remove it again to install the new wheel well liner when it comes in….trying to make progress every day so we can get it in the body shop soon…

New Headlights

The new headlights for Colby’s car came in today. Not going to be able to do any work to the car today, but at least they’re here for when we’re ready. The originals were damaged and not worth trying to fix. As you can see the attached pic, the new headlights look much better than the originals. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we see them on the car!

Colby’s Car, Work Continues

It was so hot today, we waited until this evening to get some work done to Colby’s car. We removed the damaged bumper, headlights, grill and cow bar which already makes the car look better. Colby spent a lot of time sanding and wet sanding the replacement hood to get it ready for primer and painting. New headlights have been ordered, will hopefully be here in the next day or so. Still have some prep work to do on the replacement bumper, but it’s coming along…..

Colby’s First Project Car

So this week we got Colby his first project car. A 2002 Hyundai Accent that has seen better days. But hey, it’s a first car to get him back and forth to school and hopefully a job soon. In a few weeks, this car will look totally different. The previous owners took out a deer with the car and didn’t give the car a lot of care or concern. In it’s first week at our house, it’s gotten a thorough cleaning, oil change, new exhaust and some replacement lights. We’ve gotten a replacement bumper and hood that’s in the process of being refinished. Had time today to refinish 2 hubcaps and the horn. Colby has spent the last week with Shauna in Morehead. When he gets back, he’ll be doing a lot of sanding!