Archives for August 2012

Bathroom Lights Complete

Not a lot accomplished in the new bathroom this weekend. We did finish installing the hardware for the new hanging lights that will illuminate the new sink and we also installed the exhaust fan/light over the toilet and shower entrance. We also made 2 trips to Lowes to purchase trim for the the door and threshold, along with stain. We’ll probably work on that throughout the week or maybe wait til next weekend. Still looking for the exact sink that will finish off the bathroom!

Basement Bathroom Nearing Completion

We spent a lot of time working on the basement bathroom this weekend. Did a final sanding of the walls and ceiling, got everything primed and painted. Also installed light fixtures and finally got the new floor down! Only thing left is the tile work in the shower and we’ve decided to go with a teak wood floor for the shower. Next up is the sink and baseboards, then last, but certainly no least is the shower tile. Not really looking forward to that, but we can do it!!