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Windows 8, Are You Ready

windows8Ok, so I’ve been test driving Windows 8 for a few days now just to get a feel for it, identify the changes and to decide if it’s a practical change from Windows XP or Windows 7. Up to this point, Windows 7 has been my favorite release, but that’s a whole other story. I was skeptical when first installing Windows 8. I wasn’t installing it on a brand new machine. This machine has some miles on it, but I’ve kept it upgraded fairly well and by todays standards, it’s a pretty beefy machine. This also wasn’t an upgrade from Windows 7, it was new install. Therefore, a lot of time was spent backing up “stuff” that I’d need to put back once the new install was complete. I’m not going to list a lot of pro’s or con’s, I haven’t been working with it long enough to do that, instead, I’m giving you my first impression. [Read more…]

31 Days Of Halloween (2012)

Just a recap of some of our favorite movies to watch this time of the year:

31 Days Of Halloween 2011