Archives for November 2013

Remodel Coming Together

Another busy weekend, trying to get as much done as possible. Crown molding is going up, all of the lights are up now, we began assembly of Lenora’s custom shelves, dry fitting the cabinets and plotting our next plan of attack. Unfortunately, the sink cabinet had to be returned to Lowes, once we unboxed it, we noticed that it had been damaged. It’s been exchanged, so hopefully we’ll be starting on the tile counter top and backsplash very soon. The new stove/oven is in place, so things are finally starting to come together….still have a lot to do…

Kitchen and Living Room Remodel Update

We made a lot of progress Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Lenora got the final coat of paint on the walls, we finished “stomping” the ceiling, installed the new floor in the kitchen and got the new fan installed in the kitchen. Next up is the crown molding, baseboards and cabinets. We’re finally starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

New Media Center Setup

mcupdatedI’m testing some new equipment for work and what better way than to put it through it’s paces as a new media center pc. Out with the old server, in with the a new nano pc. I’ve also had to try out a new wireless router because the Asus routers, installed with DD-WRT, were intermittently dropping their connection. Therefore I’m trying a new Buffalo N450 gigabit wireless router that has better range and comes pre-installed with DD-WRT. I’ve spent the past few days (in between the kitchen and living room remodel) to get the nana pc configured and so far, I’m pretty impressed. It’s now in place and driving our media center, so we’ll see how it does over the next month or so….You can see my previous configuration here!

Kitchen and Living Room Remodel Update

It’s been a busy couple of days, lots of mudding and lots of sanding. Lenora finished the final sanding this evening, so we took a trip to Lowes to get more supplies. We’ve got the primer for the walls, paint for the walls, trim for the windows, some crown molding and paint for the trim. I’ll disclose the color we chose for the walls and trim in a couple of days. Still lots of work to do, but just getting the floors clean was a huge step. More updates and pics coming soon!

Mudding Continues On Kitchen and Living Room

Very busy weekend. Friday we finished the electrical work and hanging the last pieces of sheet rock. Saturday we finished putting siding on the back of the house that had to be replaced when we moved the back door. Lenora spent a lot of time putting the first coat of joint compound on the sheet rock and Sunday was spent doing much of the same. Got a second coat of joint compound on the sheet rock. However, in between, we did manage to go to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Hopefully, this coming week will be just as productive. Hoping to get the ceiling stomped very soon, walls sanded and ready for paint!

Kitchen Remodel Continues

We had a busy Friday evening. All of the sheet rock in the living room, dining room and kitchen is up. All of the electrical work is completed, so now begins the task of putting everything back together. Lenora worked really hard to get the first coat of joint compound applied, so tomorrow, we hope to get at least a second coat applied, inside corners applied and the siding put on the back of the house where the back door was relocated….at least for now, everything is coming back together…

Kitchen Remodel Has Expanded

So, once we finished with the sheet rock in the kitchen, we decided to go ahead remodel the living room while we’re in the mess. Yeah, that’s how we roll some times. So we spent yesterday evening demoing the living room walls, bagging up the sheet rock, then cleaning up the mess. Today, we got sheet rock back on one wall and hopefully tomorrow, we’ll finish hanging the remaining sheet rock and have everything ready to mud this weekend. Our siding we ordered came in today, so we’ll be able to finish that part of the project in just a few minutes, we only have 7 pieces of siding to hang. The goal is to start putting everything back together this weekend and be well on the road to finishing…!