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Kitchen Remodel, Drywall and Electrical Finished

Yesterday was a long, busy, 12 hour day. We managed to finish all of the electrical work, framing and drywall. So now, we have a blank canvas to work with. We still have to remove the remaining tile from the old kitchen floor, but that’s the last of the demo work. We can now start putting everything back together. The new stove arrived the other day, but for now, it’ll have to sit in the garage until we’re ready for it. This week we hope to start mudding, get the ceiling stomped and be ready to have the new floor down very soon. We had to order the remaining siding for the back of the house and it should be in Tuesday. It’s only 7 pieces, so hopefully we can finish that part one day after work. The goal is to have this finished by Thanksgiving…..guess we’ll have to wait and see….