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Custom Hot Wheels Junkyard Charger Part VI

Hot Wheels Custom ChargerHot Wheels Custom ChargerHot Wheels Custom ChargerHot Wheels Custom ChargerHad a little time this evening to work on the custom, junkyard Charger. I’ve got an image in my head of this project finished, it’s just going to take a while to get to it. I want this car sitting on a cinder block in the rear with the rear wheel removed. I want it to look like somebody cared for this car at one time, maybe worked on it a bit as time permitted, then ultimately gave up. With the rear wheel off, I had to create a hub so it wouldn’t look weird. I used part of the stem of blow pop and a little piece of sheet plastic to create the hub. Sorry I didn’t take any photos of the process but as I mentioned, I’ve only had time to work on this project in short increments. One the axle and hub was complete, I weathered it with my dried steel wool, hydrogen peroxide and salt solution. I wanted the removed wheel to stay close to the car and still have a purpose so I decided that it would be used to hold down a tarp the once covered the car. I kicked around many ideas for creating a tarp but most fabric that I thought about using didn’t have the right scale. I wanted the tarp to be battered a bit, maybe torn in a few places, etc. I wanted something that I could form to the contour of the car and remove if I wanted. I decided to give aluminum foil a try. It was easy to form, tear, etc. I actually doubled the thickness of the foil, glued it and it worked perfectly. Once I had the general shape that I wanted, I painted the inside of the foil flat black, then automotive primer and flat navy blue on the outside. I applied my weathering compound along with a little dusting from various pastel chalks, then sealed with a flat clear coat. I may add more highlights later, but for now, I love the way that it turned out. It truly looks like a tarp that’s been outside for a very long time. Now it’s on to working on the display for this custom and the little bits and pieces that will complete the project. I hope to get some time in the next week to take it to the next level. Stay tuned.

New Hot Wheels Drag Bus Added To The Collection

Hot Wheels VW Drag BusI’ve been looking for this latest rendition of the Hot Wheels VW Drag Bus for a while now and Lenora was lucky enough to find one the other day while walking the aisles of Walmart. If you’re a beginner collector or not a collector at all, the Drag Bus might not mean anything to you. You have to go all the way back to 1996 to truly understand and appreciate the significance of the Hot Wheels Drag Bus. You can learn everything about it by clicking here! I’ll just give you a quick summary. When the Drag Bus was released as part of the 1996 First Editions series, it was an instant hit. I believe it was the heaviest Hot Wheels ever produced. It didn’t do well on the Hot Wheels track, but it was something different and everybody wanted one. So much so that people started hoarding them and selling them on sites such as Ebay for hundreds of dollars, yes, hundreds. They became impossible to find because most of them never hit the shelves. Even department store employees hoarded them to sell for a profit. I was patient and Lenora (she has much better luck than I do) finally found one at a Walmart and not long after, my niece found one at a Walmart as well. So I have two of the original Drag Buses. This spectacle went on for months and months. Hundreds of other companies recognized the popularity of the Drag Bus and commissioned them as giveaways/purchase with their company logos. Cereal companies, oil companies, automotive part companies, everybody jumped on the bandwagon. There were/are so many variations and paint schemes for the Drag Bus, I don’t think anybody knows exactly how many. Besides the two original First Editions Drag Buses that I have, I probably have 8 or 9 company promo Drag Buses as well. I only collect the ones that appeal to me. The Drag Bus remains as popular today as it did in 1996, prices now are more reasonable. You can even pick up a carded, 1996 First Editions Drag Bus for around 12 to 15 dollars. Earlier this year, Mattel re-released the Drag Bus as part of their 50th Anniversary Favorites series. There are some changes to this release, paint scheme is different, it has Real Riders (rubber tires) and now it sports windows around the roof line, making it a 21 window T1 Drag Bus. The same phenomenon that happened back in 1996 didn’t happen this time even though it sorta started that way with this release. People immediately started hoarding them up and selling them at inflated prices on auction sites. That only lasted a couple of months, then finally died down. Though they aren’t readily available on the toy aisle pegs, if you’re patient, you’ll find one. Lenora found ours last night.

Custom Hot Wheels Junkyard Charger Part V

Hot Wheels Custom ChargerHot Wheels Custom ChargerHot Wheels Custom ChargerHot Wheels Custom ChargerHot Wheels Custom ChargerHot Wheels Custom ChargerAlright, so I got more done today than I had actually planned. While I’d rather be outside doing something, the weather has different plans. Anyhow, I’m about 95% finished with the chassis. Got a nice weathering layer on it, painted in some details, but there’s just a bit more to do. I’ll let this dry for a couple of days, then finish. Again, for texturing the base of the car, I used steel wool that has been soaked in vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, then left to dry over the summer. Everything gets a nice coat of flat clear before proceeding to the next layer. As I mentioned before, I haven’t decided on the final configuration, but hopefully in the next day or so, everything will come together. It’s starting to take shape!

Custom Hot Wheels Junkyard Charger Part IV

Hot Wheels Custom ChargerHot Wheels Custom ChargerHot Wheels Custom ChargerHot Wheels Custom ChargerHot Wheels Custom ChargerHot Wheels Custom ChargerHot Wheels Custom ChargerHot Wheels Custom ChargerSince it’s a nasty, wet, winter day, I decided to start on the 2nd layer of weathering. I’ll usually let these projects set for a couple of days in between adding things just to let my mind clear and come up with new ideas. But since it’s nasty outside, I decided to press on. The second layer of weathering for the body consisted of bring out some of the detail using pastel chalks to fill in the seams and grooves. Since this car has been sitting outside for a very long time. I added some greens for moss, blacks for mold and brown for more surface rust. It’s really beginning to look like it’s been outside for a very long time. After painting the interior a leather brown earlier in the week, it’s now time to give it some weathering as well. I gave it a light coat of spray adhesive, let it sit for about 15 minutes, then brushed on crushed steel wool that had soaked in vinegar and hydrogen peroxide and dried over the summer. It gives it a nice texture. Once it’s nice and dry, I’ll add more weathering to it. I also started on the wheels and tires. I’m still haven’t decided the final configuration, but at least 3 of the tires will be flat and one will be off the car. I have to give it some more thought. The base was given it’s first coat of flat black, detail on it will come soon!