About Us

Hello, my name is John Boyd and I live in Flatwoods, Kentucky! I am a broadcast engineer at WSAZ TV in Huntington, West Virginia and I’ve been in the IT industry for over 27 years. I’ve been married to my wonderful wife Lenora for 23 years. She’s a manager at Walmart in Canonsburg, Kentucky and has been with the company for over 15 years. We have two of the best kids that anybody could ask for. Our daugther Shauna is a graduate of Morehead State University in Morehead, Kentucky and lives in Pikeville, Ky. Our son Colby is a freshman at Ashland Community College (Kentucky University) in Ashland, Kentucky. We’ve always had numerous pets and hobbies, including dog rescue. We currently have five dogs, a Basset Hound (Sophie), one Pug (Otto), two Pembroke Corgi’s (Fred and Ed) and a Chihuahua (Leroy). Shauna also has a Pembroke Corgi (Yori). We also have a Pineapple Conure named Mabel.
Lenora and I enjoy doing work around the house, we’re always building something new or making changes to our house. We’re also avid car lovers! I work on computers and web sites on the side and I’m always looking for ways to push the technology to the next level. Shauna is a full time student and working jobs. She loves arts and crafts and tattoo’s! She is very talented. Colby is a die hard gamer. Probably the best I’ve ever seen.
And this is our blog! I try to update it whenever I can and fill it with things that interest our family. I hope that you enjoy your visit here and come back often!