About Us

Welcome to our web site! By our, I mean myself (John) and my wife (Lenora). We’ve owned the houseofboyd.com domain for over 10 years and have used the site for various things over the years. It started as a tool to help sell our home. The house sold in just a few weeks, but we decided to keep the domain and use it as a blog. Then came Facebook and the need for a blog just wasn’t there anymore. So the site sat void for a long time. We also ran another web site called Kentucky Hot Wheels. We own the kentuckyhotwheels.com domain as well as kentuckyoldvolkshome.com. We’re avid Hot Wheels (and other die cast) collectors. We’ve collected for over 20 years. We’re also avid vintage Volkswagen enthusiasts, we currently own a 1968 VW Beetle. So kentuckyhotwheels.com was sort of a mix of the two. Unfortunately, our hosting service held our web site hostage after our hosting agreement failed to renew. Instead of giving in and paying the extortion fee, I began to move everything I had that was once on kentuckyhotwheels.com to houseofboyd.com. If you type kentuckyhotwheels.com into your browser, you’ll still be directed back to houseofboyd.com. The worse part is that we had literally thousands of permalinks on other sites pointing back to kentuckyhotwheels.com. Those are now invalid and I apologize to all of those other sites that linked back to our pages and posts. It will be a long process, but I hope to restore as much info as I can. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy your visit and come back often!

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