Basement Bathroom Remodel Almost Complete

We were hoping that with a little luck, we would’ve been able to finish that bathroom remodel. But with a last minute change in design, we’ve been forced to wait until we have another nice weekend to finish the shower. Tile on the walls is complete, the only thing left is to install the tile on the floor and the new drain insert. After that, it’s time to grout and seal. So even though it would’ve been nice to be using the shower now, the extra few days is going to worth the wait. Lenora did finish the curtain and skirt treatment for the vanity area…..and don’t forget, this is what the bathroom looked like at the beginning of the build (after a little demolition)..We’re so excited to finally be so close to getting it finished. The whole remodel of the basement has taken almost 3 and a half years, but it’s been worth all of the effort and time!

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