Basement Shower Complete

I’d love to say that the entire basement project is now 100% complete, but there are still a couple pieces of baseboard that still needs to be installed in the bathroom, but other than that, we’re done with the basement. Hopefully this weekend, weather permitting, we’ve finish with the last couple pieces of baseboard and trim and then, we call can it 100% complete. The shower project has taken a week or so longer than expected, but that’s only because of the weather….it’s hard to cut tile when it’s 20 degrees outside! Overall, we’re very happy with the results. The grout sealer was applied today along with the last of the hardware…Tuesday morning, we’ll be showering in the new shower! This project wasn’t hard, it wasn’t time consuming, it was just a matter of working it into our schedule. The shower just happened to end up on the last of our basement remodel projects. I’m guess that just on the shower alone, we’ve saved about $3,200 by doing it ourselves….totally worth it!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Good work guys…proud of ya!
    love jojo

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