Roof Rack Build

In PiecesRoof RackTest FittingTest FittingTest FittingReceived my roof rack today that I ordered from the Dune Buggy Warehouse in Hamilton, Ohio. Price was decent, looked like the same one found on every other web site that sells them. Build was easy, quality was good, fitment was excellent, those are some of the pros. Here are some of the cons. The kit was missing 14 washers (as per instructions) and 4 bolts. However, the kit did include 6 extra nuts. Guess the Chinese still have a problem counting. Anyhow, its as good as I expected, maybe even a little better. It gives me the look that I was trying to achieve and Im satisfied. Even found a period correct cooler from a friend.

New Turn Signal Switch

Old Turn Signal SwitchNew Compared To OldSolder All ConnectionsWas going to wait and do this tomorrow, but not really tired, so it got done tonight. The OG turn signal switch had seen better days. The plastic pieces had started to disintegrate years ago. I ordered a replacement from CIP1 last week because their having a huge sale the whole month of March. Pleased with the price, pleased with the quality. As you can see in the first pic above, it was certainly time to replace the switch. The new switch can be used in other VWs besides the Beetle, so not all of the wires will be used. You can cut out the ones you wont use, making it easier to get the wires through the steering column. Then its just a matter of splicing everything together. All of the wires are color coded, so its hard to get them wrong. I soldered all of my connections to ensure good contact. Put everything back together, then testedworks like a charm!

12 Volt Aux/USB Input

12 Volt/Aux USB Input12V Aux/USB Input12V Aux/USB Input12V Aux/USB Input12V Aux/USB InputFresh Air BoxFresh Air BoxOne thing the 68s lacked was a cigarette lighter. Since I dont smoke, I have no need for a cigarette lighter, but I do have a need for a 12 volt aux, better yet, a USB connection to charge my phone when needed since Ill be using it as my radio/mp3 player. I was at our local auto parts store this morning looking for a license plate cover for my wifes motorcycle and came across this 12 volt aux/usb input. I immediately thought itd fit perfect underneath the ashtray and it was only 8 bucks, so I figure what the heck. I needed to clean up the nasty ashtray anyhow and since it had the autostick shift pattern decal that needed to come off, I thought itd be a nice little project this afternoon. I was going to be cleaning up my fresh air box anyhow. The 12 volt aux/usb bracket fit perfectly underneath the ashtray just as I had hoped. I used high durable double sided tape to secure it after I cleaned up the ashtray a bit. Ran the ground wire into the ashtray which made for a perfect ground, one less wire to run. The hot wire runs through an existing hole that used at one time to mount a radio or CB, just made the hole a little bigger, inserted a rubber grommet, worked like a charm. I ran the hot wire to the back of the fuse panel to #2. Its only hot when the key is on. I was going to have it continuously hot, but the USB unit has a little l.e.d. light that would stay on all of the time. Buttoned everything up, tested it and its perfect. Finished with a little cleanup of the fresh air box, then took her out for a drive around town, enjoying this nice spring weather! Waiting on the arrival of my bamboo parcel tray and bluetooth speaker. Thatll be next weekends project!

Bamboo Parcel Tray

Bamboo Parcel TrayBamboo Parcel TrayGot the new bamboo parcel tray that I ordered from Happy with the quality of the build, came with necessary hardware that Ill have to figure out. Two screws and pretty self explanatory, but a large black rubber band that Im not too sure about. Did a quick dry fit before leaving for work, love the look.

New Horn Ring

New Horn RingNew Horn RingNew Horn RingNew Horn RingGot my new horn ring, contact kit and center cap from M T Manufacturing in the mail today. Compared to the original horn bar and center cap, Im very pleased with the quality of the repo parts. I was going to order from AirHeads, but they didnt have the horn rings in stock and hadnt for a long time. Since Ive ordered form M T before and have been pleased with the products Ive ordered from them, I went with them on the horn ring and center cap. The horn ring is period correct to my Beetle and Im really happy with the look. With the horn bar, it just looked like something was missing. Install took about 10 minutes, everything fit as it should, horn works as it should. Ill call this one a success! Ill put the horn bar that I removed in the classifieds.

3rd Brake Light Follow Up

New 3rd Brake LightNew 3rd Brake LightNew 3rd Brake LightNew Euro TagNew Euro TagFinished installing the 3rd brake light today. Turned out exactly the way that I wanted it to. Its new, but still has a hint of a vintage look. And boy is it bright, itll certainly get peoples attention at night. I also installed my European tag that I ordered from 68 for the year, KY for the state, then E272 which is my historical plate number. It also came with a free mounting bracket. Very pleased with the quality.

3rd Brake Light Project

3rd Tail Light Project3rd Tail Light Project3rd Tail Light Project3rd Tail Light Project3rd Tail Light ProjectSo Ive started on another project that may appeal to some and may be repulsive to others, but hey, its my Beetle and Ill do what I want. lol Anyhow, I wanted to add a 3rd brake light but keep the vintage look without paying the price for a vintage brake light. So I turned to Speedway Motors to see if they had a red lens lamp that would match the amber fog lights that I installed a couple of months ago. Unfortunately, they only offered amber and clear. As a matter of fact, finding a red lens fog light is pretty much impossible and since I wanted the style to match my amber fog lights, I ordered the clear lamp from Speedway Motors, ordered a bumper bracket to mount it on and set out to find a way to make it red. While waiting for the goodies to arrive, I went ahead and did the wiring for the new lamp. That took all of 5 minutes. I thought about replacing the bulb with a red bulb, but finding a red bulb that would work was also impossible. Then I thought about making a gel that I could put behind the lens. Again, these lamps from Speedway Motors are really nice, built to last and of course, theyre sealed. So that blew out the gel idea. While researching, I came across this product by VHT specifically for clear lenses. Its used to make them red or it can be used to freshen up your already red lenses. It stated that itd work on glass, so I figured Id give it a try. If it didnt work, itd be easy enough to remove and Id be back to square one. My bracket wont be here until Friday, but the lamp arrived today. So I took it apart, prepped the lens and gave the VHT product a try. Id already tested it on a piece of plexi-glass that I had laying around and it worked wonderfully, but I still wasnt sure how itd work on a glass lens. I gave the lens a total of 3 coats, waiting 15 minutes in between each coat. This stuff dries very fast, applies very smoothly and is very easy to work with. After 3 coats and about 8 hours of drying time, I put the lamp back together and tested it with the wiring that Id already installed. I think it looks great, now I just have to wait for the bracket mount to arrive.

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