What Men Want For Christmas 2011, Day 6

toolboxAh, the ultimate tool box, complete with a fridge and built in stereo system. Any guy would need this to work on other things that he may want for Christmas. Ok, stereo and fridge aside, men want to keep their tools organized and what better way than with a really nice tool chest on wheels. These things come in variety of different sizes and shapes and the cost will vary with size and construction. I’m recommending a nice stainless steel tool chest, unpainted. That way you won’t need to worry about rust and it’s a lot easier to clean. Just about any box store sells tool chests. Lowes has a lot to choose from, as does Sears. Approximate cost: $100.00 to $1,900.00.

What Men Want For Christmas 2011, Day 5

tomtomWe’re going to kill two birds with one stone here. GPS devices have been very popular for the past few years. Combine the best GPS product with the best smart phone product and you have Tom Tom running on an iPhone. It’s almost unbelievable how accurate Tom Tom is running on the iPhone. And if you want to add a little icing on the cake, you can get him a Tom Tom or Magellan iPhone cradle that has a GPS booster built in. Magellan has their own iPhone app as well, but I don’t think it’s as nice as the Tom Tom app, just my opinion.
Approximate cost: iPhone 4: $99.00, Tom Tom app: $49.99, Magellan app: $49.99, Tom Tom iPhone cradle: $59.99, Magellan iPhone cradle: $83.00.

2013 VW Beetle R

beetle-r With the Beetle R, Volkswagen provides a view of what a future high-performance Bug could look like. There’s no word on what engine might power a production version of the Beetle R, but it wouldn’t take much to bring the styling changes to market.

Numerous exterior cues give the Beetle R Concept a more aggressive stance. The wider front bumper has gaping openings for engine and brake cooling, and there are subtle body-colored hood vents. Wider fenders surround 20-inch alloy wheels.
Changes to the rear are designed to provide the Beetle R Concept with optimal downforce. There’s a diffuser under the rear bumper, but it’s overshadowed by the huge rear wing that looks like it’s paying homage to the “whale tail” Porsche 911s of the ’80s.

Inside, the Beetle R has new front bucket seats that would look right at home in a racecar, though they are finished in black and gray leather. A new instrument cluster puts the tachometer front-and-center, the pedals are finished in aluminum, and R logos abound.

With its 2012 redesign, the Beetle traded cuteness for seriousness. Without that change in attitude, an R version of the car wouldn’t have made much sense, but now it actually seems plausible.

2012 VW Beetle

beetleThe VW Beetle has been one of the most recognizable cars on the road since its first incarnation hit markets in 1938. Since then, it has undergone a lot of changes, and for the last decade has had a successful run in the United States as the New Beetle. That model was more popular among women, who accounted for 61% of sales. But for 2012, VW is concentrating on the male market, and has made some striking changes to its iconic car. The result is the 2012 Volkswagen Beetle, a sleeker, spoiler-equipped ride for the 21st century. And it comes in Turbo.

The new Beetle sits lower than the outgoing New Beetle, and is a little wider and longer, improving high-speed performance. The regular model comes with 105 hp and the European edition gets 65.7 mpg (the US version gets 54). But if that’s not enough power for you, there’s also a Turbo model, with 200 hp, now available via pre-order.

2012 Plymouth Barracuda

cudaAnother muscle car that we’ll never see! The Plymouth ‘Cuda concept is the work of Rafael Reston, a digital designer from São Paulo, Brazil. The ‘Cuda concept was inspired by the 1971 Plymouth Barracuda, and follows the recent trend of reviving legendary muscle cars like the Dodge Challenger, Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang. The ‘Cuda concept is based on the platform from the Chrysler 300C, while the proposed power source is a 5.4 litre bio-fueled HEMI V8. The 22″ wheels and aggressive, purposeful looking body of the ‘Cuda is formed from aluminium. While the hood, spoilers and side panels are made from lightweight carbon fiber. Reston created the ‘Cuda concept using Alias Studio Tools 2008, Rhinoceros 4.0 was used for the interior, with the final rendering in Bunkspeed Hypershot. The final rendering was completed by John Boyd using PhotoShop CS4.

2012 Pontiac Trans Am

transamOk, I’ve had like 200 emails concerning this car. We had it posted a couple of years ago and apparently, people still want to see it. It’s the car that will never be thanks to GM. Once the Pontiac name was dissolved, so was this car. Built on the same alpha platform as the new Camaro, the Pontiac Trans Am was shown only as a concept car. Sad but true, we’ll never see this car venture down the highways of the US….