New Hot Wheels For The Collection

New Die Cast For The CollectionNew Die Cast For The CollectionJust a few Hot Wheels that Lenora picked up for the collection while she was out and about the other day. I love the ’49 VW Beetle Pickup! This will be a great casting (if I can find another) to customize in the near future. This is also the first time I’ve seen the Custom VW Beetle with a roof rack. Maybe Mattel seen the one that I did and decided to add it. 🙂

Custom Hot Wheels VW Bus Video Part 1

Custom Hot Wheels VW T2 Part III

Custom Hot Wheels BusCustom Hot Wheels BusCustom Hot Wheels BusCustom Hot Wheels BusCustom Hot Wheels BusCustom Hot Wheels BusHad a little time this week to work on the custom VW Bus. Still not totally sure of the direction I’m going with this just yet, but I’ve got a lot of ideas. I’ve added some side panels that still need a lot of work, but I really like the look. I’d planned to exchange the stock Hot Wheels wheels with something more “realistic”, I think I’ll keep them this time and customize them to go with the flow. Of course the ugly blue metallic highlight will go away and I’ll texture the plastic tires to look more realistic. Last but not least, I’ll be adding pizza pan will covers. It took me a while to find something that would fit the stock wheels perfectly and give it that pizza pan look. I finally came across some rivets that I had for the wing windows for VW Beetles and they fit perfectly. I just had to remove the flaring stud on them. I’ll dull them a bit to make them look more like aluminum. I think they’ll be a nice addition. Stay tuned!

Custom Hot Wheels VW T2 Part II

Custom VW Bus UpdateCustom VW Bus UpdateCustom VW Bus UpdateCustom VW Bus UpdateCustom VW Bus UpdateCustom VW Bus UpdateCustom VW Bus UpdateHad a little time this weekend to work on the custom VW T2 Bus. I started by filing and trimming a finishing nail that will be used as the center post for the windshield. Once I cut it to size, I secured it to the body with JB Weld. I’m kicking around the idea of safari windows and still may go that direction, but in the meantime, I’ve modified the front windshield so it’ll still fit securely into the body. I had to cut a groove to accept the new center post. I’m not a fan of the blue tinted glass in this bus, so again, I may go with safari windows and custom glass for the back. I also started on the custom visor. I want the visor to look like something that a person couldn’t buy, but had to make themselves. The story if this bus is slowly starting to develop and I can almost see the finished version. I want it to look custom, but I also want it to look like a work truck. The bumpers on this will be heavily modified to look more like real T2 bumpers. Some will say that this would’ve been easier with a different casting, but what fun would that be?

Custom Hot Wheels VW T2 Part I

Hot Wheels Custom VW BusHot Wheels Custom VW BusHot Wheels Custom VW BusHot Wheels Custom VW BusHot Wheels Custom VW BusHot Wheels Custom VW BusHot Wheels Custom VW BusHot Wheels Custom VW BusSince it’s so nasty and dreary outside today, I thought it’d be a good time to start a new custom. I love doing the VW’s, but I was really hoping to try something different this time, I just couldn’t decide which direction to go. So, instead of overthinking it, once I knew that I couldn’t make a quick decision, I picked up VW T2 truck and started giving it some thought. A lot of people use this casting for customs, so I don’t want to do what somebody else has already done. I’m not 100% sure of where I’m going with this one, but I’m going to start heading that way now. First, the basic stuff, removed the body from the chassis by drilling out the mushroom post on the front and back. I used a 2-56 tap and drill to drill the post down to accept the 2-56 x 3/16″ button head screw when the project is finished. It’s easier to do this before you disassemble the vehicle. Once the post is drilled and tapped, I use a 3/16″ drill bit to remove the remaining mushroom on the post. This is where a lot of people make mistakes. You need to drill slowly and straight, only removing enough of the mushroom to pry the body from the chassis. The base of this vehicle is plastic, so patience is mandatory. Once I drill enough of the mushroom away, I use a curved pick to slowly pry the chassis from the body. I really wish the windows on this casting were clear, but we’ll have to work with what we have. So once the vehicle is completely disassembled, I start looking over things that need to be added, changed or removed. This particular casting has those 6 intake holes in the front along with a indention. Once the paint is stripped, I’ll fill this area in with super glue and baking soda, then sand.
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New Matchbox Find

Matchbox Superfast VW BusLenora was lucky enough to find this beauty hanging on the peg at Walmart today. A Matchbox 50th Anniversary Superfast VW Bus. It has some really awesome detail and features. It’s a great addition to our collection!

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