Very Sad Day

SophieVery sad day for us today. We had to have our basset hound of over 10 years put to sleep due to complications with cancer. Sophie was one of the best dogs that anybody could ever ask for. She was a great companion and was my shadow any time we were outside working in the yard. She was always by my side. We will miss her terribly but we know that she is no longer suffering and is finally pain free. R.I.P. Sophie, we love you!

Basset Hounds For Sale

We have our newest litter of Basset Hounds ready to be reserved. This will be Sophies last litter, so this will be your last chance to purchase a Basset Hound from us. We have 1 female and 5 males, all beautiful and all healthy. They will be ready for their new homes in approximately 4 weeks, so if you’re interested, you can reserve yours now. We are asking $300.00 for each puppy. If you want to reserve one, we’ll need $150.00 down (non-refundable). You are more than welcome to come over and visit the pups as well as Abner (the dad) and Sophie (the mom). I’ve posted some pictures below of both Abner and Sophie and I’ll add pictures of the puppies as they continue to grow! If you’re interested, just use the contact form on our page to let us know.

Pictures of Abner (dad):

Abner is a 100% full bred Basset Hound born on Christmas Day 2009. His father was a tri-color Basset Hound and his mother was a red and white like he is. He’s one beautiful dog and has a very good temper. He loves to play with the other dogs and is still a big baby at heart.

Pictures of Sophie (mom):

We’ve had Sophie longer than any of our other Basset Hounds. She was born in 2006 and we purchased her from a breeder when she was only a couple of months old. She is truly one of the smartest dogs we’ve ever owned or known. She loves everybody, she was very easy to train and has the eyes of an Egyptian princess. She is truly a integral part of our family. This is her second and last litter.

Picture of Abner and Sophie playing in the yard:

Here are the pics of the puppies taken on 02/26/2012. They will be 5 weeks old on 2/28/2012. In just a few more weeks, they’ll be ready for their new homes. If you want to reserve yours now or come and visit them, just use the contact form on this page to let us know. We’ll be starting them on regular soft food in the next week or so. The first pic is of the female, the other five are males:

What Men Want For Christmas 2011, Day 3

ottoA dog! Yes, a dog. Every man should own a dog. Even if you’re strictly a bona fide cat lover, it’s nearly impossible not to be moved by the brand of loyalty unique to dogs. Buddhists believe that on the day that the Bud­dha died, he summoned all animals to his side. Only members of 12 species — dogs among them — reached him before his death. He rewarded those who came with a year of their own, which is why the cat has no sign in the Chinese zodiac.
Although not every dog is necessarily friendly by nature, stories emerge from time to time of a dog becoming separated from his or her family and undertaking an incredible journey toward reunion. Dogs are used in therapy for Alzheimer’s disease and in clinical settings as comfort for the terminally ill. And consider this: Between Jan. 19 and Jan. 31, 2008, no fewer than five different families in the United States and Canada were saved by their dogs when their homes caught fire. All of this substantiates the old saying that dogs are man’s — and woman’s — best friend. Approximate cost: free to $3,000.00.

Baby Basset Hounds For Sale!

In just a few short days, the baby Bassets will be ready to leave the nest. Two of the seven are already reserved, so that leaves five still up for grabs. If you’re interested or need more information, just use the contact form on our web site to contact us. We’re asking $300.00 for each pup, 100% full stock. You’re welcome to come and see them any time!

Update On Boo!

016Well, it’s been almost 2 weeks and we still have no solid leads as to what happened to Boo. We’ve been on vacation the past week and we’ve dedicated a lot of time trying to find out more about Boo’s disappearance. We’ve placed ad’s in the local papers and have added fliers to every telephone pole in the area. Unfortunately, we don’t have good news to report. We’ve had a few phone calls from people who were at the Lowe’s in Russell a weekend ago who saw a couple trying to find the owners of a lost dog, but it wasn’t Boo. We’re still not giving up hope! The downside is that Boo has special medical needs. She can not eat table scraps and is on special diet. If somebody has her, they’ll quickly find that if she isn’t given this special diet, she’ll be sick and hopefully take her to the vet. Thank you all for you time and effort in helping us find Boo. Hopefully she’ll return home soon!

Looking For Boo!

016On Saturday, June 25th, between the hours of 4pm and 5pm, Boo disappeared! Boo has been part of our family for many, many years. What caused her to disappear in such a short time is baffling to us. She never left the yard unless provoked. Over the past few days, we’ve gone door to door in a attempt to find out exactly what happened to her. We’ve got a couple of leads from neighbors who say that they saw Boo at the bottom of Wheeler Hill and US 23 the evening of the 25th. They claim that a gentleman in his 50’s driving a red 90’s Ford pickup with a toolbox bed and rails for a ladder was trying to get her on the island of US23 and Wheeler Hill in Flatwoods. We’re hoping that he was successful and was able to take her home to a safe place. We miss her terribly and are trying everything possible to try to locate her or the person who picked her up. Apparently, this person who tried to get her was turning from US 23 onto Wheeler Hill in Flatwoods. They were driving a 90’s model red Ford pickup with a toolbox bed and rails for a ladder, possibly a construction worker or roofer. Again, this was on Saturday, June 25th. If anybody out there may know this person, please put them in contact with us.

Basset Hounds For Sale!

img_0707Yes, we have baby Basset Hounds for sale. 100% full stock. Most of you who know us, know that we love dogs, especially our Bassets! They’re a great breed, very easy going, smart, easy to train, loyal and they love everybody! This litter was not expected, we honestly thought that Sophie (the mommy) could not get pregnant. And of course, she waited until she was 6 years old to have puppies. But she has been a wonderful mother and a real trooper. She is taking great care of her puppies. These puppies will not be registered. Sophie has papers, Abner (the dad) does not, but anybody is more than welcome to come over and check both of them out to see what their puppies may look like as they get older. [Read more…]