Christmas Vacation Custom Wagon Update 1

Griswold Christmas Vacation Wagon20181103_01210120181103_00253020181103_00010620181103_154145Worked on the custom Christmas Vacation wagon a little last night. After looking at so many possible paint colors and since this is my vision of the wagon, I decided to go with Arizona Beige. No, it’s not the chocolate/mauve color used in the movie, but it’s what I think will look good as a finished product. I also started on the wood grain trim/panels on the car. Just like the movie wagon, these are going to look out of place. I’ve only applied the base color, which will be the color of the trim/border of the wood grain. I also finished chroming the bumpers and painting the grill. The grill is supposed to be a silver color, but it looks like it matches the bumpers in the pic. It’s actually darker and less shiny. More to come soon!

Christmas Vacation Custom Wagon Update

Christmas Vacation Custom Hot WheelsChristmas Vacation Custom Hot WheelsJust a little update on the Christmas Vacation wagon. Had some time this evening to chrome the bumpers and paint the interior. I’ve decided to make this a mashup of the original Griswold Truckster and the ’89 Taurus wagon used in Christmas vacation. The best of both worlds.

New Die Cast and Pops

Die Cast and Pop CultureDie Cast and Pop CultureDie Cast and Pop CultureDie Cast and Pop CultureDie Cast and Pop CultureDie Cast and Pop CultureDie Cast and Pop CultureMy family knows all of my vices. Over the past few months, they’ve flooded me with some of my favorite pop culture goodies. As most of you know, we’ve collected die cast cars for many, many years. Mostly Hot Wheels and mostly VW die cast, but if we see anything else that we like, we’ll try to get it. A couple of years ago, I started collecting Funko Pops. Not all of them of course, but just the ones that I really like. Luckily my kids share a similar taste in pop culture. I’m very easy to shop for. 🙂

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