SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime

silicondust-hdhomerun-primeLooking for a great Christmas gift for your tech savvy significant other? This may just be the ticket. The Silicon HDHomeRun Prime is a cable TV tuner for computers – Ethernet attached. Once the cablecard tuner is connected to your home router you can access the HDHomeRun Tuners from any computer, anywhere in your home. HDHomeRun PRIME supports CableCARD™ conditional access, providing access to the premium cable channels from your PC. Insert an M-Card cablecard from your cable provider and you’ll be able to watch and record all the digital cable channels you subscribe to, including HD and premium channels in 100% digital quality. [Read more…]

Windows 8, Are You Ready

windows8Ok, so I’ve been test driving Windows 8 for a few days now just to get a feel for it, identify the changes and to decide if it’s a practical change from Windows XP or Windows 7. Up to this point, Windows 7 has been my favorite release, but that’s a whole other story. I was skeptical when first installing Windows 8. I wasn’t installing it on a brand new machine. This machine has some miles on it, but I’ve kept it upgraded fairly well and by todays standards, it’s a pretty beefy machine. This also wasn’t an upgrade from Windows 7, it was new install. Therefore, a lot of time was spent backing up “stuff” that I’d need to put back once the new install was complete. I’m not going to list a lot of pro’s or con’s, I haven’t been working with it long enough to do that, instead, I’m giving you my first impression. [Read more…]

Windows Media Center On Your iPad, iPhone or Android Device

Every once in a while, I like to plug one of my favorite iPhone or iPad apps. The one I’m plugging today is most awesome, especially if you have a Windows Media Center. Yes, WINDOWS! Ever thought about how awesome it’d be to run your Windows Media Center on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Well, you can. And it doesn’t take special software, port forwarding, 15 different configuration files or anything that the novice can’t handle. It’ll only cost you $4.99 for the iPhone or iPad. $6.99 for Android devices. The name of the app is called Splashtop HD. Simply install the app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device, then download the free streamer from the Splashtop web site and you’re well on your way. Installing the streamer on your mac or pc is very easy. Once it’s installed you’ll need to set up a security code (password) and if you want to stream over the internet (WAN), you’ll need a Gmail account. This will allow you to connect to your media center or any other pc from anywhere! I won’t go into great detail about setting up the streamer because it’s pretty much a no brainer. If you have any questions, please feel free to send them my way.
Ok, you have the app installed on your device, you have the streamer (which runs as a service) on your media center pc (or any other pc or mac). So now it’s time to tap away. Open the Splashtop app on your device. [Read more…]

VW e-Bugster Electric Car

ebugsterebugsterbackThis week Volkswagen unveiled its two-seater E-Bugster concept at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. There are no prizes, I’m afraid, for deducing from the entomological etymology that this is an all-electric variant of the classic VW Beetle. Kudos, though, if you identified that the name betrays the E-Bugster’s shared DNA with the Ragster, VW’s 2005 concept which itself informed the conventional Beetle of today. But enough on the name, let’s take a look at the specs.
Beneath those familiar, svelte curves of the exoskeleton is an 85 kW electric motor which can see the E-Bugster from 0 to 60 mph (96.5 km/h) in a fairly leisurely 10.9 seconds. More importantly, the 28.3 kWh battery is good for an impressive range, VW says, of at least 110 miles (177 km) while it claims that battery can be completely recharged in a mere 35 minutes.

The range is bolstered by a kinetic energy recover system which charges the battery whenever the driver steps off the accelerator (provided the car’s in motion), and more when under braking. The process is visualized on the dash, as are battery state, remaining range, and power use.
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Great App For Low Carb Dieters

Started using this app a few days ago when I started a low carb diet. If you’re unsure about what you should or shouldn’t eat, this app will help you out. Keeps track of your intake of carbs, fat, calories, water, etc. Huge database that includes most brand name items as well as restaurant food information. You can also customize and add your own items. It maintains a food log, exercise log and much more. Very handy to have! Not bad for $2.99. Check out the info below.
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Greenup County Mothman Video Updated For 2012

Test some new software, thought it’d be a good opportunity to update an older video…

What Men Want For Christmas 2011, Day 28

onstarThe OnStar system, used to be available only in GM cars, now as a rear-view mirror for any car. It knows when you’ve crashed, auto-connects to an operator. Also can chat with a person at any time – they can send driving directions to the mirror, etc. Cost: OnStar – $200 plus $200 annually.