Colby’s Car Off To Body Shop

So, the plan was to have Colby’s replacement hood and bumper prepped and ready for the body shop on Monday. We were to deliver the car tonight so they can get started on the installation early Monday morning. However, we’ve been without power since Friday evening due to storms, working on the car Friday evening and Saturday was a bust. We had to spend the night at my mothers house last night because our house was just to hot to stay at. Luckily, we had power restored at 10:30 this morning and were about to get as much of the car ready as possible. The hood is just going to have to wait until we get the car back from the body shop, but we were about to get the bumper about 95% complete. Still have a bit of wet sanding to do, but it’s almost complete. The body shop is going to straight the front cow of the car, install the new bumper support, bumper cover, new headlights and new windshield. After that, we won’t be in as much of a rush to finish everything else. The car will be road worthy and ready for Colby to take his drivers test in it….

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