Colby’s First Project Car

So this week we got Colby his first project car. A 2002 Hyundai Accent that has seen better days. But hey, it’s a first car to get him back and forth to school and hopefully a job soon. In a few weeks, this car will look totally different. The previous owners took out a deer with the car and didn’t give the car a lot of care or concern. In it’s first week at our house, it’s gotten a thorough cleaning, oil change, new exhaust and some replacement lights. We’ve gotten a replacement bumper and hood that’s in the process of being refinished. Had time today to refinish 2 hubcaps and the horn. Colby has spent the last week with Shauna in Morehead. When he gets back, he’ll be doing a lot of sanding!


  1. Car is great! Take care of it Colby and it will take care of you…….lol… I just need some of your energy,Lenora!!!!!

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