Low Carb Diet Day 12

As of this morning, I’ve lost a total of 22 pounds on my low carb diet. I’ve also gone down 1 pant size. Todays eatings:

1 Kosher Dill Pickle

1 Adkins Advantage Chocolate Peanut Bar

1 Serving of Buddig Smoked Ham

1 Cheese Hot Dog

1 Fried Hamburger

Few ounces of Hot Pepper Cheese

Total Fat: 47g

Protein: 62.4g

Calories: 773

Total Carbs: 6

Will probably have some greens later this evening.

So, before anybody says anything, I’ve done my homework on low carb dieting. I know that evening having 20g of carbs a day is very low. My first 2 weeks, I’ll keep it under 10g a day, then the following 2 weeks I’ll keep it under 20g a day, eventually settling at around 50g a day.

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