Low Carb Diet Day 7

At the end of day 7 of my low carb diet, total weight loss is 14 pounds. Still keeping 10grams of carbs a day or less. Prepping to start exercising more, hit the treadmill, do more walking around the neighborhood while helping the dogs get their exercise as well. A couple of you have asked what I’m eating during a typical work day, well, here you go, this is what I’ve had today.

1. Morning, Atkins Advantage protein bar.

2. Lunch snack, Wisconsin Smoker beef stick and cheese stick.

3. Snack, Hormel pepperoni stick.

4. Dinner, 6 medium meatballs rolled in parmesan cheese.

Total net carb: 8g

Total fat: 98g

Protein: 50.1g

Calories: 1140

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