More Kitchen Work

Our goal for the weekend was to get the outside kitchen door relocated to it’s new position and install the new siding on the back of the house. After many hours late Friday evening, we had the door installed in it’s new location. A lot of work to relocate the door about 8 feet, but something that needed to be done. Saturday was spent cutting the grass and a family night out, so we didn’t do any kitchen work. Today, we got the outside insulation up, all of the door trim installed and installed the storm door. We were hoping to totally finish with the siding, but unfortunately, the 7 new pieces that we had to buy do not match the existing siding. Therefore, we put up what we could and we’ll have to order the remaining 7 pieces that we need. It’ll probably take a couple of weeks to get the remaining siding in. The good news is that we can start the finish work on the inside.

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