More Progress On The ’74 Rebuild

Doors Off
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Coming A Part
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No Surprise
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Good Heat Channel
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Rusty Surprise
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Lenora and I spent a few hours cleaning out and re-arranging the garage to make a little more room to work on the Beetle. All the while, we were watching Christmas movies (Elf and Christmas With The Kranks) on the tv in the garage. Afterwards, spent some time removing more parts and inspecting the body a little closer with some sanding and grinding. Both doors came off with ease, I’ve never had that much luck getting bolts out of the door hinges before, they’re usually a royal pain in the butt. Sanded the passenger side quarter panel, no big surprise, solid metal, no rust or bondo. Took the wire brush to the passenger side heat channel, again, so surprises, very solid and minimal surface rust. Hit a few spots on the floor pans, surface rust cleaned up well. Found one nasty pocket of rust around the passenger side bumper mount. Shouldn’t be a major fix, but I’m hoping that’s the only hidden rust that I come across.

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