New Horn Ring

New Horn RingNew Horn RingNew Horn RingNew Horn RingGot my new horn ring, contact kit and center cap from M T Manufacturing in the mail today. Compared to the original horn bar and center cap, Im very pleased with the quality of the repo parts. I was going to order from AirHeads, but they didnt have the horn rings in stock and hadnt for a long time. Since Ive ordered form M T before and have been pleased with the products Ive ordered from them, I went with them on the horn ring and center cap. The horn ring is period correct to my Beetle and Im really happy with the look. With the horn bar, it just looked like something was missing. Install took about 10 minutes, everything fit as it should, horn works as it should. Ill call this one a success! Ill put the horn bar that I removed in the classifieds.

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