New Window Regulator and Pop Out Window Latches

New Pop Out Window LatchesChanging Window RegulatorNew Window RegulatorWhen I replaced all of the door seals, scrapers, etc. last month, my gut told me to splurge and replace the window regulators while I was at it. I ignored that gut feeling and with the windows fitting much tighter with the new rubber, the drivers side regulator gave out last week. I was rolling the window up and it just began to spin. Lesson learned. Im sure the passenger side will be next, but Ill wait for as long as I can before I have to replace it. I ordered a replacement regulator from for $64.95. Price was reasonable, quality was acceptable. It pretty much matched the quality of the original regulator, only the support brace at the bottom of the regulator was different. The replacement was only ribbed on the top where the original was ribbed on the top and bottom. Other than that, it was pretty much the same. Now what really sucked is that my 1968 uses the same regulator as the 65, 66 and 67. They changed mid year in 1968 to the newer (and easier to replace) regulators. What I figured would take an hour or so to replace ended up taking 3 hours. Cussing was involved, plus a couple of bloody fingers. Fitment was pretty good, it was just a bear to replace, I had to remove the vent window assembly to remove the old regulator and install the new one. But once it was done, it worked perfectly. The window is still tight in the new rubber, so I hope this replacement regulator stands up to the test. While I was at it, I went ahead and replaced the rear pop out window latches. I cleaned the originals a few weeks ago and decided against buying new ones, but the originals just didnt clean up as good as I thought they would so I ordered new ones from for 49.95 each (ouch)! The quality is as good as the originals though and youd never notice the difference between the new ones and the originals. Installing the clip that secures them to glass can test your patience, especially with new rubber. All in all, a nice evening project and Im happy with the result.

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