Orb Live iPhone/iPad App

With Orb Live you’re never more than a tap away from all your favorite content. Watch TV shows from Hulu and Netflix, listen to music from Pandora and Sirius, or browse photos from Facebook and Flickr. You can also access all the music, photos and videos stored on your PC. No need to sync — just stream directly from your computer to iPhone.

Videos. If you like TV shows, you’ll love Orb Live. All the shows from sites like Hulu, Comedy Central, Netflix and more are all available on your iPhone — in a single, integrated and easy-to-use app. Search for your favorite show, tap the season and episode you want to watch, and you’re streaming! If you have a TV tuner or webcam on your PC, you can even stream that directly to your iPhone. That’s right — live TV on your iPhone!

Photos. Never worry about what files you’ve synced — or forgotten to sync. With Orb Live, all your great pics are always accessible on your iPhone — even if they’re on your laptop at work, your PC at home or posted on Facebook or Flickr.

Music. On the road and want to listen to your iTunes library that’s stuck at home? Maybe you’re in the mood to listen to your favorite Internet radio stations or a Pandora compilation? Get it all from one place — with Orb Live!

If you can get it on your PC, you can get it on your iPhone. It’s that simple. Orb Live is the easiest and most complete solution available. Now you can have access to all your media — all the time.

Ok, so what does all of that mean? Well, this is basically how I use Orb on my iPhone and iPad. I’ve had an Orb account for about 4 years. It’s free, easy to setup and easy to configure. Once you have Live Cast installed on your home or work pc, you just pick what folders on your PC that you want to share. Simple as that. Then, from your iPhone or iPad, you install the Orb app (which does cost $9.99) and you’ll have instant access to all of your shared folders. That’s it in a nutshell. Orb is so easy to use and allows you to view photos, live tv, videos, documents and anything else that you have shared on your home or work pc. Truly worth the $9.99 for the app!

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