Ordered An iPad 2

ipadSo I’ve had my Windows 7 based HP Slate since March and even though I really enjoyed it, it would appear that HP is quickly dropping support for it and moving on to the HP Touchpad running WebOS. After waiting 75 days for my Slate after it was ordered in November of 2010, I’ve chosen to never order anything HP again. They have the worst customer service, the worst updates and the worst communication with their customers. And though a tablet still fits into my lifestyle, I’ve decided to go with the iPad 2. I’ve been an iPhone user for 4 years now and have been very happy with it. Not that I prefer Apple products over any others, but that fact of the matter is, the iPhone and iPad speak for themselves. Of course, you’ll probably never see an Apple OS running on my desktop….Windows 7 still rocks! Look forward to getting my iPad very soon and putting it to work!

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