Our IT Services

Here are a few services that I offer on the side of my regular job at WSAZ. I can give you free estimates depending upon your problem, but as I do hold down a full time job and I have to work around that schedule.

Basic Services

1. Photo Restoration: If you have an old family photo that you’d like to have restored (black and white, or color), I can do it. Estimate will be based on condition of original photo, size and time to restore it. However, you’ll have a hard time beating my rates.
Here’s an example of one that I did of my dad:
Before: before
After: after

2. Scan Pictures For CD/DVD: If you have a bunch of old photos that you’d like digitally scanned and have the digital images placed on a CD or DVD, I can do that to. If your old photos need to be color corrected or fixed, I can do that as well. Estimate will be based on number of photos to scan and fix.

3. Setting Up A Home Network: Do you have multiple wireless devices in your home that need to share an internet connection? Well, I can do that to. Not only that, but we’ll make it a secure network to keep wondering eyes and bandwidth hogs away. Estimate will be based on equipment needed for purchase and hours involved.

4. Computer Performance Issues: If your computer just doesn’t run like it used to, I can help you with that. And chances are, you won’t have to bring it to my shop and I won’t have to visit your house. Estimate will be based on time spent on project and the ability to fix your pc remotely.

5. Basic Hardware Replacement: Hard drive gone bad, PCI cards, AGP cards no longer working? Bad memory? Bad power supply? I can help you with that as well. Estimate will be based on cost of replacement equipment, time spent on the project, etc.

6. Maybe Your PC/Laptop Just Needs An Overhaul: If your pc or laptop is less than 3 year old, there’s absolutely no reason to go out and buy a new one just because yours isn’t running right. You’d be surprised what a little TLC and configuration changes can make to an older system. This also includes a physical cleaning to the system. Case, inside the case, keyboard, mouse, etc. Chances are, we can have it looking and running like a new machine. Estimate is based on condition of the machine and the condition of the operating sysem. Maybe it’ll just require some basic maintenance.

7. Hardware/Software Upgrades: Estimate will be based on time spent on the project and the necessary purchase of hardware and software.

8. Web Site Set Up and Design: Estimate will be based on hosting services, platform services and up keep. I prefer Godaddy.com for hosting and WordPress for the CMS. Hosting rates on Godaddy vary, the Wordpess CMS is free. Visit Marty Conley Photography to see what I put together for him!

Even if you need help with something that you don’t see listed here and think that I may be able to help you out. Go ahead and contact us!

I have over 28 years of experience in the IT world. All the way from desktop support, client/server, networking, security architecture engineering and broadcast engineering. So I’d say there’s at least a 90% chance that I can help you with your problem and save you a bunch of money at the same time. Just use the “Contact Us” button at the top of the web page to let us know what you need to have done. I will get back with you within one business day!