Abandoned US 23 (Ashland, Ky.)

Today we decided to do a little exploring. For years, I wanted to know what became of the road between Ashland and Russell that ran parallel with Armco Rd. I remember as a kid, my mom would stop along the hillside on US 23 at a market (Artrips I think) on our way home from Ashland. Once the 4 lane was completed and long before the new Walmart was built, the viaduct out of Ashland was torn down and the road was abandoned. Not too long after this, the new apartments were built on top of the hill across US 23 from Walmart on what is now known as Providence Hill. You can see it in the center of the map below.

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If anybody remembers when the road was officially closed, please let me know! I’ve also included a short video that was taken with my iPhone from in front of what was the market.

Summer Motion 2011

On July 5th, we attended Summer Motion in Ashland, Ky. and was treated to an outstanding Kenny Loggins concert. We also got a preview of Loggins new country band, The Blue Sky Riders. It was great to see the Port Of Ashland looking spectacular after years and years of effort to give Ashland the riverfront that it deserves. And as always, thanks to WSAZ for the awesome seats that we had, it was truly a great time!