Basement Shower Complete

I’d love to say that the entire basement project is now 100% complete, but there are still a couple pieces of baseboard that still needs to be installed in the bathroom, but other than that, we’re done with the basement. Hopefully this weekend, weather permitting, we’ve finish with the last couple pieces of baseboard and trim and then, we call can it 100% complete. The shower project has taken a week or so longer than expected, but that’s only because of the weather….it’s hard to cut tile when it’s 20 degrees outside! Overall, we’re very happy with the results. The grout sealer was applied today along with the last of the hardware…Tuesday morning, we’ll be showering in the new shower! This project wasn’t hard, it wasn’t time consuming, it was just a matter of working it into our schedule. The shower just happened to end up on the last of our basement remodel projects. I’m guess that just on the shower alone, we’ve saved about $3,200 by doing it ourselves….totally worth it!

Basement Bathroom Remodel Almost Complete

We were hoping that with a little luck, we would’ve been able to finish that bathroom remodel. But with a last minute change in design, we’ve been forced to wait until we have another nice weekend to finish the shower. Tile on the walls is complete, the only thing left is to install the tile on the floor and the new drain insert. After that, it’s time to grout and seal. So even though it would’ve been nice to be using the shower now, the extra few days is going to worth the wait. Lenora did finish the curtain and skirt treatment for the vanity area…..and don’t forget, this is what the bathroom looked like at the beginning of the build (after a little demolition)..We’re so excited to finally be so close to getting it finished. The whole remodel of the basement has taken almost 3 and a half years, but it’s been worth all of the effort and time!

New Computer Desk

So after months and months of consideration and desk shopping, we decided to build our own workstation in the computer room. Probably not the best weekend to work on this since Lenora has the flu and we really couldn’t do any work outside, but we made the working conditions the best as we could and pressed on. Didn’t think it’d be so easy to fill up a 10 foot desk, but I’ve managed. It’s been a great project and we saved a ton of money by building it ourselves…!

Sink And Vanity 99% Complete

Started the day putting the finishing touches on the new vanity base, last bit of stain and detail. Wasn’t long before it was installed and we had finally had running water again. We still need to get the window treatment up and the vanity will be draped on the inside with the same material to hide it’s contents. Not bad for a weekend project. To have this custom built, it would’ve cost many hundreds of dollars, we did it for just a fraction of the cost. We’re both very pleased with the outcome!

Basement Vanity And Sink Build

We’ve spent the past 2 years looking for just the right vanity for our downstairs bathroom! I kid you not….2 years. A couple of weeks ago, we gave up and decided to build it ourselves. Lenora did a lot of researching online and put together a design that she liked, along with a material list and today, we finally started building the vanity. After a not so quick trip to Lowes we stained the baseboard for the bathroom and began doing some trial and error on the vanity. And after 8 hours or so, it’s roughed in pretty well, plumbing fixtures are finished and tomorrow we’ll finish construction of the vanity, install the baseboard and sink and hopefully by sundown tomorrow, we’ll finally have a working sink in the bathroom.

Bathroom Lights Complete

Not a lot accomplished in the new bathroom this weekend. We did finish installing the hardware for the new hanging lights that will illuminate the new sink and we also installed the exhaust fan/light over the toilet and shower entrance. We also made 2 trips to Lowes to purchase trim for the the door and threshold, along with stain. We’ll probably work on that throughout the week or maybe wait til next weekend. Still looking for the exact sink that will finish off the bathroom!

Basement Bathroom Nearing Completion

We spent a lot of time working on the basement bathroom this weekend. Did a final sanding of the walls and ceiling, got everything primed and painted. Also installed light fixtures and finally got the new floor down! Only thing left is the tile work in the shower and we’ve decided to go with a teak wood floor for the shower. Next up is the sink and baseboards, then last, but certainly no least is the shower tile. Not really looking forward to that, but we can do it!!