Basement Shower Complete

I’d love to say that the entire basement project is now 100% complete, but there are still a couple pieces of baseboard that still needs to be installed in the bathroom, but other than that, we’re done with the basement. Hopefully this weekend, weather permitting, we’ve finish with the last couple pieces of baseboard and trim and then, we call can it 100% complete. The shower project has taken a week or so longer than expected, but that’s only because of the weather….it’s hard to cut tile when it’s 20 degrees outside! Overall, we’re very happy with the results. The grout sealer was applied today along with the last of the hardware…Tuesday morning, we’ll be showering in the new shower! This project wasn’t hard, it wasn’t time consuming, it was just a matter of working it into our schedule. The shower just happened to end up on the last of our basement remodel projects. I’m guess that just on the shower alone, we’ve saved about $3,200 by doing it ourselves….totally worth it!

Basement Buildout Continues

This weekend found us back in the basement, finishing up the last room! We’ve ignored the bathroom for well over a year now, but it’s time that we finish it so we can concentrate on kitchen project next. Lenora ordered the flooring for the bathroom last week and even though it’s been framed for well over a year, we still hadn’t hung any sheetrock or prepared the shower for tiling. All of the electrical and plumbing has been finished for a long time as well so this weekend, we roughed in the sheetrock and will spend the upcoming evenings mudding, sanding and painting!

You can see the complete photoset of the basement buildout here!

Floor Jack Enclosure

So, it’s about that time of the year again to continue with our home improvements. Our goal this spring is to get the basement completely done. That consists of finishing the restroom and a couple odds and ends. This past weekend we finally got around to enclosing that eyesore of a floor jack that has been sitting in the middle of the family room for 3 years. Not that we didn’t want to enclose it, just wasn’t sure how we were going to do it. I’d thought about boxing it in, but came across this product called Pole-Wrap and as you can see, it made the job so much easier. Cut to fit, glue it down, then paint it. Simple as that. I believe the total cost involved was about $75.00. Much cheaper and easier than boxing and installing sheetrock. We’re very pleased with the results…!