Adding Your Sites RSS Feed To Facebook

In order not to do extra work to post your blog’s posts to your Facebook Wall or your Page or your Group you can use a fantastic application called RSS Graffiti which you can find in the list of the Facebook applications available.

Go to your page and click Edit Page, then fo to Applications and take a look at the complete list of the applications, there you will find an application called RSS Graffiti. All blog systems provide an RSS link with all your posts in order to feed to a feed reader like Google Reader.

This RSS address you will provide to RSS Graffiti and the application will automatically post your blog’s data to the Facebook Wall every 30 minutes ( default, or as you set it in the settings of the application ). You will need to autorize RSS Graffiti with your profile in order for it to start working but it will fully automate this process!

Announcing your blog’s posts to Facebook is a very important process in order to get more and more traffic to your blog. RSS Graffiti will let you edit they appearance of how the post will show upon your wall. Also you can have multiple RSS sources posted to your wall or to multiple walls in case you want to show the RSS feed to your wall, your page and group or to all of your pages if you have more than one. Tested already with Blogger and WordPress and working great. With RSS Graffiti you can have news feeds showing to your Facebook page.