Hot Wheels Dodge Challenger SRT Custom Update

Ruby Has Been UpgradedCustom SRT ChallengerCustom SRT ChallengerJust an update on a previous post concerning our 1:64 Hot Wheels Dodge Challenger SRT custom that will mimic our 1:1 Challenger SRT. I’ve started some of the detail work on the grill area, hood, gas filler cover, etc. There’s still a lot of cleanup to do, but at least you can see what direction I’m going with it. I ordered water slide decal sheets and sealer that I’ll use for the custom graphics. Hopefully I’ll be able to print enough detail for it to look good. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish this one up next weekend.

Starting Two New Customs

Ruby Has Been UpgradedCustom SRT ChallengerCustom SRT ChallengerCustom SRT ChallengerCustom SRT ChallengerCustom SRT ChallengerCustom SRT ChallengerFor a couple of months now, I’ve wanted to customize a Hot Wheels Dodge Challenger SRT to match our own Challenger SRT. Finding the right casting has been a challenge (no pun intended). Even though our Challenger is a 2018, I feel that the best casting is a 2015 Challenger from the Muscle Mania series. This custom will actually be a combination of the 2015 Challenger and a 2018 Demon from the Factory Fresh series. I didn’t take any disassembly pics of the 2015 Challenger, but there are numerous Youtube video tutorials that will show you how to disassemble most die cast cars. First thing I do after disassembly is to drill out the support pillars and tap them for screws that’ll be used to put the vehicle back together. The casting on this particular vehicle was really nice. Good detail with no pitting. Since the interior of this car was red, I painted it a flat black. The body was wet sanded with 1000 grit sand paper, then given 2 coats of self etching primer and wet sanded again with 2000 grit sand paper. Finally, I finished this part of the project with 3 coats of Hot Red paint. It’ll be left to cure for a couple of days before proceeding to the next step.

Christmas Vacation Custom Hot WheelsChristmas Vacation Custom Hot WheelsChristmas Vacation Custom Hot WheelsChristmas Vacation Custom Hot WheelsChristmas Vacation Custom Hot WheelsChristmas Vacation Custom Hot WheelsChristmas Vacation Custom Hot WheelsChristmas Vacation Custom Hot WheelsI usually won’t start two customs at the same time, but I wanted to get a jump on the next custom I had planned to do. I want to make a near replica station wagon of the Ford Taurus station wagon from Christmas Vacation. Finding a 1989 Ford Taurus 1:64 die cast is impossible, so I opted to use what is readily available at the moment. I’ll be using a Hot Wheels ’70 Chevelle station wagon as the base for this project. It’ll take a lot of customizing to get it to look anything like the ’89 Taurus wagon, but I’ll get it as close as possible. Most of the detail will be in the paint. I used Rust-oleum aircraft paint remover (best I’ve ever used) to remove the paint, then assessed the casting. This casting too was pretty good. Good detail, no pitting and only one imperfection in the body. The imperfection was missing metal at the bottom of the casting right between the driver and rear passenger door, about the size of a pin head. To fill the void in the die cast, I decided to use a technique that I’d read about a year or so ago. It was suggested to fill the void with super glue, then immediately sprinkle it with baking powder. It hardens the glue immediately with the same texture as the die cast and it can be filed or sanded seconds after the application. I was a bit apprehensive, but I gave it a try and it works perfectly. I’ll be using this technique many more times in the future for customs. After the void was filled, I gave it a quick sanding and ended this part of the project. I probably won’t return to it again until the Challenger custom is finished, but I promise to have it finished by Christmas.

Latest Diecast

New Diecast For The CollectionNew Diecast For The CollectionNew Diecast For The CollectionNew Diecast For The CollectionNew Diecast For The CollectionNew Diecast For The CollectionNew Diecast For The CollectionNew Diecast For The CollectionNew Diecast For The CollectionNew Diecast For The CollectionNew Diecast For The CollectionNew Diecast For The CollectionI haven’t been keeping up on this as well as I should be, so here’s a little catch up note. These have been either gifts or local pickup’s over the past couple of months. Of course, most of these are VW’s since that’s mainly what we concentrate on. My favorite out of the lot is by far the Dharma VW Bus. It’s got great detail and if you’re a fan of Lost, it’s a must have. I promise to make more posts in a timely manner as we continue to pick up our favorite diecast along the way. Hopefully soon, we’ll get some pics of the full collection which by now would be impossible to guess the amount. Soon hopefully…..I have a new custom coming up as soon as I can find it on the pegs….Happy hunting….!

New Hot Wheels and Roof Wrap

New VW's For The CollectionRoof Rack WrapAdded two more Hot Wheels to the collection. 50th Anniversary redline Beetle and Walt Disney Classics Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs T1 Bus with real riders. Very nice! Both of these were found at Walmart. When I first read about the 50th Anniversary Redlines, it was obvious that people were snatching them up and trying to sell them for a profit. Ebay was flooded with them for a few days. However, a recent visit to our local Walmart proved that these were readily available. Don’t fall for the trap. I also began wrapping Mabel’s roof rack with rope. I’ve always like this look and decided to give it a try (sorry video of the process). Just the top part required 90 feet of rope. Don’t know if I’ll take it any further than this or not, we’ll see.

Diorama More Bits and Pieces

More Bits And PiecesMore Bits And PiecesMore Bits And PiecesMore Bits And PiecesMore Bits And PiecesJust a few more bits and pieces and this project will be done. Lenora has inspired me to do a 1:43 or 1:18 scale diorama in the future. The biggest satisfaction is making most of these pieces from scratch, most of them, you can’t buy at a hobby shop or anywhere else. When I first thought about this many months ago, I was hoping for an aged, neighborhood shop where everybody takes their car to be worked on late at night, over a few beers and some good music. I think I’m pretty close to that.

Diorama Update

Diorama ItemsDiorama ItemsDiorama ItemsDiorama ItemsDiorama ItemsAdded some new items to the diorama that I’ve been working on, mainly the tool chest. I had to build this one from scratch to get the right scale and I think it turned out very nice. It’s made of plexiglass (top) and the drawers are made from wire holders for old DB9 connectors. I also made a couple oil barrels for used oil, they’re made of old diodes. I try to make as much stuff as I can from scratch, makes the process more interesting. I also got the headlights and taillights painted on the flatbed. It’s coming along nicely.

Diorama Update 1_9_2018

Test Fitting LightsLighting The DioramaCustom VW TruckHad a little time the past couple of weeks to work on the diorama. I had been searching online and at the hobby stores to find the right lights for the shop, but just couldn’t find what I had in mind. So, I made my own using wire nuts, spray can directional tubes and nut holders. The scale is a little larger than what I was wanting, but I think they’re turning out nice. Tonight I began to wire the LED’s and I think they’re going to be perfect, nice and bright. I also decided to add a flatbed, VW truck. I finished the base and custom wheels a couple of weeks ago and got the body in primer. I think I’m going to leave it this way, but maybe give it a little patina. I have a remote that will control the lights once I do a little wire management. Love the way it’s turning out.

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