Remodel Complete

Many of you have asked about the progress of our kitchen/living room remodel. It’s been over a month since I’ve posted any pictures, so I’m happy to report that the remodel is complete. We still have a couple of odds and ends to take care of, but for the most part, it’s complete. We still need to find a couple of end tables and coffee table (we’re using our old ones for now), install the canister light inserts and that’s pretty much it. It’s been a long process since we started in mid September, working only weekends and evenings when weather permitted, but we’re happy with the results. It’s much more inviting and a great place to lounge around. Next on the agenda is the upstairs bathroom.

Click here to see the entire remodel unfold…

Kitchen and Living Room Remodel Update

It’s been a busy couple of days, lots of mudding and lots of sanding. Lenora finished the final sanding this evening, so we took a trip to Lowes to get more supplies. We’ve got the primer for the walls, paint for the walls, trim for the windows, some crown molding and paint for the trim. I’ll disclose the color we chose for the walls and trim in a couple of days. Still lots of work to do, but just getting the floors clean was a huge step. More updates and pics coming soon!

Kitchen Remodel Continues

We’ve had an extremely busy weekend, trying to get as much accomplished on the new kitchen as we can. We had to frame in the old doorway to the kitchen, frame in the back door, installed 5 new canister lights, installed 2 recepticles, re-route a much of electrical, etc, etc…. All of the time consuming work should be done, so we finished the weekend buy hanging a few pieces of sheetrock. Things are finally starting to go back together. It’s been a long, hard weekend, but we’re looking forward to getting this project completed.

Kitchen Remodel Continues, New Cabinets Arrived

Finally, after a week of fubars by Lowes, the final cabinets arrived today for the kitchen remodel. We’d already started with some of the demolition last week and we picked up the new flooring yesterday morning. Still a bunch of stuff to get before we tear into it, but it won’t be long now. Lenora has a vision for what she wants everything to look like, but was to describe it is an industrial, country combination. We’ll see what the final product looks like, but she’s got a great eye for this type of stuff.

Kitchen Remodel Begins

New hickory cabinets ordered, should be delivered this coming Friday. Lenora took the opportunity yesterday evening to begin the demolition work. Going to be a nice autumn project.