1969 VW Beetle Speedometer Rebuild

I ordered this 1969 VW speedometer to use while I rebuild the speedometer in my 1968 Beetle. The 68 speedos are hard to find and expensive. They were a one year only design, so its worth your time to try to repair and rebuild it yourself. Mine is in good condition, but it suffers from the speedo whine and the gels need to be replaced. So before I remove mine from the car, I figured Id practice on the donor speedo that I got off of Ebay. Once I feel confident with the finished rebuild, Ill swap it out with the 68 speedo in my car and proceed with rebuilding it. The donor 69 speedo is in pretty good condition, glass is dirty inside, its a little discolored and the gels look a little warped. But its a perfect candidate to practice on and itll serve its purpose once I swap it out with the one currently in the car. I also rolled back the speedo to display the actual miles on my motor, I plan on doing this as well when I rebuild the 68 speedo that is currently in the car. A lot of people dread this part of the process, but I found it to be very easy. I did this rebuild in one evening, the whole process from start to finish took about 5 hours or so. To start, Ill list the tools I used, theyre also shown in the photos below.

1. Small flat head screwdriver
2. Dental tools (used to pry the bezel)
3. Steel wool (used to clean the housing)
4. Warm, soapy water and cleaning rags (DO NOT USE ANY CAUSTIC CLEANING SOLUTIONS)
5. Super glue (not necessary, but I ended up needing it)
6. Colorful folder tabs (used if youre going to replace the gels)

Parts Of The SpeedometerParts Of The Speedometer

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