New Sweet Sixteen Redlines Added To The Collection

New Sweet Sixteen Hot WheelsNew Sweet Sixteen Hot WheelsNew Sweet Sixteen Hot WheelsThanks to the generosity of my wife and kids, I was able to add 4 new Sweet Sixteen Redlines to the collection. My wife Lenora got me the Custom Corvette and Deora, my daughter Shauna (and her husband Jordan) got me the Ford J-Car and my son Colby got me the Python. It’s bee a really great Fathers Day weekend! So now we have a total of 9 of the original 16, only 7 more to go. 🙂

Another Sweet Sixteen Redline and Others Added To The Collection

Hot Wheels SilhouetteNew Hot WheelsNew Hot WheelsM2 1962 VW Double CabIn addition to the two sweet sixteen redlines that Lenora got me for Christmas, Shauna and Jordan (and Jaxon) also got me a mint Redline Hot Wheels Silhouette. I love the color because it matches my redline Custom Beetle. Again, it’s hard to believe that these cars are over 50 years old. I really don’t think they were ever played with. Shauna also got me some various other Hot Wheels to add to the collection along with a M2 1961 Double Cab VW Bus. This is certainly one of my favorites.

Sweet Sixteens Added To The Collection

More Redlines Added To The CollectionMore Redlines Added To The CollectionLenora surprised me for Christmas with 2 new original sweet sixteen redlines to add to the collection. She picked up a Firebird and Beatnik Bandit that are in mint condition. I honestly don’t think either were ever played with. That makes us 4 of the original 16, only 12 more to go. These came from a broker in Oregon who buys and sells entire collections.

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