One Off 2013 Hot Wheels VW Turbo Beetle

camarocamaro2camaro1For the model year of 2013-2014, Chevy released approximately 1,500 special edition Hot Wheels Camaro SS. Remember spending countless hours pretending to roar around orange plastic racetracks, while you had to make your own engine noises? Or how about when you begged your mom to let you play for just five more minutes because you were in the middle of the biggest race of your Hot Wheels career? Of course, those are memories that you’ll never forget, but wouldn’t it be great to take this Kinetic Blue beauty straight out to the pavement for some real-life, awe-inspiring fun? You could even bring your mom along. Just don’t be surprised if this time around, you find her begging you for five more minutes.
Inspired by one of the sixteen original Hot Wheels toy cars, one glance will leave anyone in awe, as they fawn over the black painted 21″ red-striped wheels, black grille surround with red pinstripe, black racing stripe, and Hot Wheels logos on the front fenders, decklid and front seats.
This limited, special edition Camaro is a dream come true for millions of fans, collectors and anyone who remembers feeling that kid-like sense of wonder.
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