XBMC Remote App For Windows 8

1234Some times I come across a great app that I just have to share, whether it be a Windows app, Apple app or Google app. As a lot of you may know, I’m always tinkering with my Media Center setup. I’m currently running Windows Media Center and XBMC on a Zotac Zbox pc with a bunch of addons. Anyhow, I’m not a big fan of remotes, one for the tv, one for the pc, one for the xbox, one for the blu-ray, one for the Apple TV, etc. I’ve been testing a few remote apps on my iPad/iPhone and my Windows 8 machines that all work pretty good. But since I use XBMC 13 (beta) as my primary media center, I finally came across a remote app for my Windows 8 tablet and pc’s that is a far cry above the rest. It’s simply named XBMC Remote and it’s available on the Windows Store. It costs $2.49. Very reasonable for what it does. [Read more…]

Acer W700 And Windows 8

acerBad news for cynical tech bloggers, grenade-lobbing Internet trolls, and everyone else who’s been attacking Windows 8 for the sheer thrill of sport: I’ve been using a Windows 8 tablet for over a week now, and the experience has been a revelation.

Indeed, if you’ve been judging Windows 8 based on how well the RTM version works on a traditional desktop PC, you haven’t been privy to the full OS experience.

My tablet test model was a preproduction version of Acer’s W700, which Acer officially announced Thursday, promising a ship date of October 26 and prices starting at $799. Until I began using the W700, my Window 8 experience consisted of playing with the OS on a non-touch laptop, and spending a scant few minutes with it on random tablets and hybrids at press events. But now that I’ve devoted some serious quality time to the W700, I can report that the operating system breaks compelling new ground.

In fact, Windows 8 might even disrupt the mobile space if consumers deign to give Microsoft a fighting chance.

Interested? Intrigued? Maybe even a little frustrated or angry because Microsoft might actually be doing something right? First let me tell you about Acer’s new hardware, then I’ll get into the nitty-gritty of how Windows 8 performs as a tablet OS. [Read more…]

Windows 8 Media Center

Ok, this is the last update on this until I have a significant change in the setup. Picked up an Apple TV 2 today and incorporated it into the setup. Still have some issues with Time Warner Cable (because they suck). Will hopefully work out the bugs with Time Warner this week and finally have everything working the way that it should. So far, very happy with the setup minus the Time Warner issues!

Windows 7/Windows 8 Media Center

I’ve spent some time the past few weeks updating our Media Center with software and hardware and the necessary apps to run on your idevice. Again, I’ve built this with a minimal amount of money and most of the parts are off the shelve or end of life parts that just needed some upgrades. If you’re interested in building your own Media Center, feel free to drop me an email and I’ll help you out the best I can…! It’s a great holiday project! Click on the image to expand it, then right click on it to save locally to your pc.

Windows 8, Are You Ready

windows8Ok, so I’ve been test driving Windows 8 for a few days now just to get a feel for it, identify the changes and to decide if it’s a practical change from Windows XP or Windows 7. Up to this point, Windows 7 has been my favorite release, but that’s a whole other story. I was skeptical when first installing Windows 8. I wasn’t installing it on a brand new machine. This machine has some miles on it, but I’ve kept it upgraded fairly well and by todays standards, it’s a pretty beefy machine. This also wasn’t an upgrade from Windows 7, it was new install. Therefore, a lot of time was spent backing up “stuff” that I’d need to put back once the new install was complete. I’m not going to list a lot of pro’s or con’s, I haven’t been working with it long enough to do that, instead, I’m giving you my first impression. [Read more…]