The Right Remote For Your Media Center

remote_0The Gyration Gyroscopic Media Center PC Universal Remote Control and Compact Keyboard Suite is my first choice for the ultimate Media Center remote. This nifty combo consists of a compact wireless keyboard and the star of the show; the not so compact gyroscopic media remote. There are no drivers included, for the simple reason that neither peripheral needs any. Thus installation is a simple as one could hope: in true plug and play fashion, you simply plug it in, press the buttons to connect each device through RF, and you’re ready to go. If you’ve ever used a Wii controller, then you’re already familiar with the Gyration remote. In fact, Gyration is actually the unknown mastermind behind the Wiimote’s very gyroscopic system. I won’t go into great detail about this combo only because it’s no longer made and very hard to come by. If you’re lucky, you may find just the remote itself on eBay for around 80 dollars and most of the time, it’s missing its needed usb dongle. However, if you are lucking enough to find one intact, grab it! It’s like gold. Of course, it’s programmable as well, so it can easily be setup to control your tv and other auxiliary devices. I’ve used this particular combo for many months, but unfortunately, just last week, they gyro in the remote failed. But the keyboard still works like a charm and hopefully I’ll get many more years use out of it. When my Gyration remote failed, I’ve been forced to use the ever popular official Microsoft Media Center remote. Don’t get me wrong, this is an awesome remote and if you have one with the TV button on it, consider yourself lucky. But for me, I want and need a controller with a built in gyration mouse. You’d think there would be plenty of brands selling such an option, but the fact of the matter is, there aren’t. This option is very, very hard to come by. Is the gyration mouse necessary? Absolutely not, most media center remotes work flawlessly with your media center, but for me, the optional mouse control is invaluable. Once you use it, you’ll know why. Which brings me to my new remote. A Dell Premium Remote (Dell XPS M2010 Media Center Remote). If you compare the two in the attached photo, you’ll quickly see the similarities. The key layout is pretty much identical, it also gives your hands on control of your audio files through its integrated LCD screen. Like the Gyration remote, it too is programmable. I’ve just started using this controller tonight and so far, I’m very happy with it, especially since its backlit. Unfortunately, like the Gyration controller, this particular remote is no longer made and can be very hard to find. It was never bundled with the keyboard like the Gyration was, but it was bundled with the Dell XPS M2010 media center laptop. However, you can still find it on eBay for around 80 dollars. Dell still makes a media center remote (RC61R), minus the gyroscopic mouse.
Keep in mind as well, there are also apps available for your idevice and android device that can used to control your media center as well. On my iPhone and iPad, I use the My Movies app with built in Windows Media Center remote. And for the XBMC side of my media center, I use the Official XBMC Remote app.

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