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bigscreenI know some of you probably haven’t made the transition to the flat screen TV, but it seems these TVs are becoming more and more affordable each day. So if you’re in the market for one, here are a few guidelines to consider:

How to Decide Which Flat Screen TV to Buy

Three factors come into play when I think about deciding on a flat screen TV:

1. 1080p or 720p- In my opinion, unless you are a serious gamer or Blu-ray DVD watcher, skip the 1080p and get a 720p. You’ll save a little money and be just as happy. Current satellite and cable TV is being sent in 720p. So, for regular HD programming you won’t notice a difference when watching your favorite TV shows with a 720p set vs a 1080p set. The TV manufacturers aren’t making many 720’s anymore though so you may have to search hard for one.

2. Plasma, LCD or LED- At the 40″ size range, I’ve heard it’s pretty much a toss-up on quality. Above 50″ and I think the plasmas have the advantage. Get an LCD though if you’re not going too big, and if you have a bright room (they have less glare). Also, LCDs are more likely to have a VGA connection if you ever needed to use it as a monitor. LED tv’s are going to be more expensive, but they’re also going to be thinner and the backlight is more pleasing to the eye.

3. Size – In my opinion, the size suggestions out there are designed to sell bigger TVs. In a normal 20′ x 20′ living room, a 42″ will do just fine, and in a bedroom a 32″ will work. The measurements out there are based on an immersion factor (where your whole viewpoint is contained within the TV screen). Basically that’s the kind of thing the average person shouldn’t be worried about. Just my opinion.

Where to Buy a Flat Screen TV

You’ll definitely want to do some of your initial research online. Then, once you’ve narrowed it down to 2 or 3 models and sizes, determine who sells your TV and visit the store. Look at the TVs and make sure you’d be happy with it.

Once you’ve decided on a particular set, head home to do price research. Find your lowest price online and call your local store to see if they will match it. Then, just make your purchase and enjoy your TV.

Tip about Cables and Cleaners: Don’t buy the expensive HDMI cables at the store, try and score some of those from your cable guy or buy them online. A great place you can get your HDMI cables at is at BetterCables.com. You can get FREE SHIPPING! on all BetterCables.com Award-winning Home Theater Cables. Newegg.com is another good place to look. Also, I’ve never needed the professional cleaners they sell at the electronic stores for my TV. I just wipe it with a dry cloth.

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