What Men Want For Christmas 2011, Day 27

krupsKrups Heineken® BeerTender: The BeerTender® offer the ultimate at-home draught beer experience. It maintains beer at the ideal temperature for drinking, and lets you draught beer at home like an expert. It’s engineered to work exclusively with Heineken®, Heineken Premium Light® and Newcastle Brown Ale®. It has ultra-quiet electronic cooling systems. The DraughtKeg™ and BeerTender® also keep beer fresh for 30 days after tapping.

The DraughtKeg™ system utilizes an internal carbonator pressure unit:

•25 patented components

•Release Co2 each time the tap is opened

•Innovative technology ensures beer remains fresh for up to 30 days

•Allows for a crisp quality beer with the right head of foam and the right “bite”


•Power LED: On/Off LED indicator.

•Tap Handle: detachable glossy black plastic.

•Black and Silver Chrome: black plastic body with chrome finish.

•Temperature LED: indicates beer has reached the right temperature (pre-set to 37.4°F).

•Pouring Spout: removable and dishwasher-safe.

•DraughtKeg™: compatible with Heineken® 5-L. DraughtKegs™ (not included).

•70-watt Power: efficient cooling and quiet operation. Peltier element provides a silent cooling mechanism as opposed to a compressor.

•Drip Tray: large metal and plastic drip tray.

•Patented interface between the keg and the machine – use a new tube with each keg to ensure highest quality fresh beer. 5 tubes are provided with BeerTender®.

Cost: $99.99.

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