Windows 8 Media Center

Ok, this is the last update on this until I have a significant change in the setup. Picked up an Apple TV 2 today and incorporated it into the setup. Still have some issues with Time Warner Cable (because they suck). Will hopefully work out the bugs with Time Warner this week and finally have everything working the way that it should. So far, very happy with the setup minus the Time Warner issues!


  1. […] I’m testing some new equipment for work and what better way than to put it through it’s paces as a new media center pc. Out with the old server, in with the a new nano pc. I’ve also had to try out a new wireless router because the Asus routers, installed with DD-WRT, were intermittently dropping their connection. Therefore I’m trying a new Buffalo N450 gigabit wireless router that has better range and comes pre-installed with DD-WRT. I’ve spent the past few days (in between the kitchen and living room remodel) to get the nana pc configured and so far, I’m pretty impressed. It’s now in place and driving our media center, so we’ll see how it does over the next month or so….You can see my previous configuration here! […]

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