XBMC Remote App For Windows 8

1234Some times I come across a great app that I just have to share, whether it be a Windows app, Apple app or Google app. As a lot of you may know, I’m always tinkering with my Media Center setup. I’m currently running Windows Media Center and XBMC on a Zotac Zbox pc with a bunch of addons. Anyhow, I’m not a big fan of remotes, one for the tv, one for the pc, one for the xbox, one for the blu-ray, one for the Apple TV, etc. I’ve been testing a few remote apps on my iPad/iPhone and my Windows 8 machines that all work pretty good. But since I use XBMC 13 (beta) as my primary media center, I finally came across a remote app for my Windows 8 tablet and pc’s that is a far cry above the rest. It’s simply named XBMC Remote and it’s available on the Windows Store. It costs $2.49. Very reasonable for what it does. There’s another app with the same name for my iPad/iPhone that works just as well, but it’s made by different developers. I’ll do a review on it a little later. I had the XBMC Remote app for Windows 8 installed, configured and running in about 5 minutes. There are a couple of settings within XBMC that have to be configured (port, IP) but once XBMC is configured, it’ll work with any remote app. If you need help with the XBMC settings, just let me know, only takes a few seconds. If you’re familiar with Windows Media and/or XBMC, you will love this app. Here are some quick specs, if you need any additional information feel free to ask.

XBMC Setup
Activate the following settings and restart xbmc
– Settings > Services > Webserver “Allow control of XBMC via HTTP ”
– Settings > Services > Remote control “Allow programs on this system to control XBMC”
– Settings > Services > Remote control “Allow programs on other systems to control XBMC”

Browse the movies, tv shows, music and music video libraries
Play movies, trailers, tv shows, albums and songs
Add movies, tv shows, albums, songs and music video to the playlist
Fullscreen and AppBar remote control (Different buttons on remote control, depending on the media type)
Movie, epsiode, music video and song download
Directly select the audio track and subtitle
Send text input to XBMC
Maintain the XBMC database
Sorting items on the playlist
List movies, tv shows and episodes of an actor
File Explorer and Picture Browser
Wake on LAN
Poster view for tv shows
Save fanart as lockscreen
Live Tile
Addon support

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