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  • First Restoration Attempt (1983)

    My first attempt at a restoration happened way back in 1983/1984, our junior and senior year of high school. A group of about 6 of us were involved with the rebuild of this Beetle and most of the others involved were also Beetle owners. This was my first Beetle, it was actually my second. My…

  • Tear Down Begins

    So, between cutting the grass and trying to make room in the garage for the Beetle, I managed to start the tear down process. Sorting and separating what is trash and what can be re-used. The process sure brings back some old memories of evenings after school when Robert Love, Terry Diamond, Charlie Greene, Ray…

  • 1974 VW Super Beetle Restoration

    We picked up our 1974 VW Super Beetle today in Louisa, Kentucky. It’s a very solid body, no rust in the floor pans, fender wheels, etc. It needs a lot of TLC and some replacement parts. And so, the restoration project begins!