Category: Hot Wheels

  • Hot Wheels / Matchbox Jeep Gladiator Monster Truck

    Just a little side project to kill some time. In this video, I’m taking a 2021 Matchbox Jeep Gladiator and putting it on the chassis of a Hot Wheels Monster Truck. Then I’ll make a pretty neat display of the monster truck crushing a Matchbox BMW. Again, just a side project to test new techniques…

  • 2023 Halloween Matchbox Abandoned Beetle

    Finally got around to doing another custom! It’s a kind of tradition to do one around the beginning of the holiday season. For this custom, I’m taking this very green Matchbox VW Beetle and making it look like it’s been sitting in a pumpkin patch for about 30 years. This really turned out to be…

  • 1967 Barn Find VW Bus Diorama

    This project has been over 5 months in the making. Seemed to always be something preventing me from finishing it and still, it’s not 100% complete. It’s not my favorite by a long shot, but it needed to be completed and I did the best I could for now. I really hope that you enjoy…

  • A Couple New Additions To The Collection

    A couple of really cool additions to the collection. A Jada Toy Story Woody and VW T1 Bus. I believe it’s 1:24 scale. And another Jeep Gladiator to add to the collection. A Matchbox Jurassic World Dominion Jeep Gladiator.

  • New Additions To The Collection

    Lenora picked up some nice additions for our collection. I love the VW Baja Beetle. A “16 Camaro SS, Volkswagen “Baja Bug”, 95 Jeep Cherokee (rare) and Kook Kombi (The Nightmare Before Christmas) double collectible.