Category: Custom Diecast

  • New Diecast For The Collection, Breaking Out Some Old Diecast

    Last week we decided to do some re-arranging throughout the house. This meant cleaning out one of our closets. This particular closet was full of diecast that haven’t seen the light of day for over 14 years. As you can see in the pic below, this doesn’t even represent a third of our collection. Hopefully…

  • Custom Hot Wheels ’52 Chevy Truck/Wrecker

    I love these ’52 Chevy truck castings even though they’re missing any interior. I took this one and made it a farm wrecker, adding a hoist, winch and even a interior. It was a fun project, hope you enjoy the video. If you do, please be sure to share and give it a thumbs up!

  • Abandoned Hot Wheels 1967 Chevelle

    Put this latest custom together over the past few days. Testing some new tools and techniques. Very pleased with the way it turned out.

  • A Quick Custom Hot Wheels Mini Cooper

    Weather was a bit crappy this weekend, so I decided to get a custom out in 2 days. I had this Mini Cooper laying around and thought it’d be a great candidate. I’m very pleased with the results!

  • Custom Matchbox Jeep Gladiator w/Working Headlights

    This will probably be my last Gladiator for some time. I’ve already done a couple, but this was my first Matchbox Gladiator and my second custom installing headlights. Hope you enjoy the video series, if so, please be sure to give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing to our Youtube channel. If you’d like…