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  • New Diecast For The Collection

    Got a few of these for Fathers Day, picked up a few at a local big box store.

  • New Die Cast

    Haven’t picked up any new die cast for a few weeks, but saw this little beauty at Hobby Lobby the other day and couldn’t resist. This is a very nicely detailed M2 VW Bus Wrecker. It’s a nice addition to the collection!

  • New Diecast For The Collection

    Lenora was lucky enough to pick up some more diecast for our collection on her way out of Walmart today. Love the detail on these M2’s. Yeah, they’re a lot more expensive than the regular Hot Wheels, Matchbox and Johnny Lightning, but the level of detail is so impressive. These are a very nice addition…

  • New Die Cast and Pops

    My family knows all of my vices. Over the past few months, they’ve flooded me with some of my favorite pop culture goodies. As most of you know, we’ve collected die cast cars for many, many years. Mostly Hot Wheels and mostly VW die cast, but if we see anything else that we like, we’ll…

  • Latest Diecast

    I haven’t been keeping up on this as well as I should be, so here’s a little catch up note. These have been either gifts or local pickup’s over the past couple of months. Of course, most of these are VW’s since that’s mainly what we concentrate on. My favorite out of the lot is…