Category: Jeep

  • New Jeep Gladiator Diecast

    Just a few Jeep Gladiator diecast that we’ve added to the collection. It’s taken about a year to gather what we have so far. Always on the look out for new diecast.

  • Jeep Gladiator Vent Decal Template

    I made this decal for the fender vent area. I’ve included the original .png (with the correct size) and the driver side and passenger side template for the cameo silhouette. If you don’t have the cameo, you can still use the .png for the cricket or other vinyl cutters. Click here to download the .zip…

  • Gladys Gets New Wheels and Tires

    After months of research and decision making, Gladys finally gets her new wheels and tires. I decided to go with the Fuel Beast wheels, 17×10 with a -18mm offset and 35×12.50 tires. I’m very pleased with the end result! Now it’s time to go have some fun with her!

  • Looking For A Sponsor

    This is the first time that we’ve done this, so I’m doing it on the recommendation of others. Preferably a local company that’s trying to get there name out there. I’m looking for a sponsor to build our Jeep Gladiator. Nothing crazy, maybe a 3.5″ left, new wheels and tires. If there is a local…

  • Jeep Gladiator 3 Piece Bumper Marker Light Installation

    Been thinking about this for a while, decided to pull the trigger. This is the 3 piece bumper that I installed months ago that was ordered off of Amazon. 3 piece bumper install: I placed LED marker lights wherever there was a spot for parking sensors. Anyhow, very happy with the results. Parts used…