Category: Volkswagen

  • A Couple New Additions To The Collection

    A couple of really cool additions to the collection. A Jada Toy Story Woody and VW T1 Bus. I believe it’s 1:24 scale. And another Jeep Gladiator to add to the collection. A Matchbox Jurassic World Dominion Jeep Gladiator.

  • Installing A New Fuel Pump On Our 1968 VW Beetle

    During one of my weekly, winter cold starts, I noticed that the fuel pump on our 1968 VW Beetle was leaking. Don’t know if it was just worn out or if it failed to the extreme cold weather we were having. Regardless, it had failed and it was time to replace it. I ordered a…

  • New Additions To The Collection

    Lenora picked up some nice additions for our collection. I love the VW Baja Beetle. A “16 Camaro SS, Volkswagen “Baja Bug”, 95 Jeep Cherokee (rare) and Kook Kombi (The Nightmare Before Christmas) double collectible.

  • New Additions To The Collection

    Thanks to Lenora, Shauna and Jordan, they were able to pick up the 2022 Hot Wheels VW series for me. They’re a great addition to the collection. Hot Wheels 2022 Volkswagen Series Set of 8 Volkswagen T2 PickupCustom ’69 Volkswagen SquarebackVolkswagen Scirocco GT 24Volkswagen SP2Volkswagen CaddyCustom Volkswagen Beetle’49 Volkswagen Beetle PickupVolkswagen Golf MK2

  • 1967 VW Beetle Barn Find Diorama

    This custom will be just a bit different. Instead of working with the typical 1/64th scale, I’ll be working with a 1/32nd scale diecast VW Beetle. This Beetle has been sitting in a barn for about 35 years and is ready to be freed and brought back to life. There’s a lot more that I’d…