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  • Vintage Radio Install Part II

    Finished installing the vintage radio into the Beetle this evening. Had to remove the air intake to install the back support for the radio. Installed the speaker and buttoned everything up. Very pleased with the end result, wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.

  • Vintage Radio Install Part I

    I’ve been wanting to install a vintage radio in the Beetle for some time now and last week I came across a great deal on a new old stock Tenna Ranger that is period correct. So I received the radio in the mail the other day and was excited to open the box that had…

  • Next Project

    Even though I use my phone and blue tooth speaker for tunes when I’m driving Mabel around town, I really wanted a period correct radio to fill in the dash. After months and months of searching, I came across a vintage NOS Tenna Ranger AM radio for Volkswagen. Sold as an aftermarket accessory for use…